Jeff Riggins, M.A.
Director, Graduate Certificate in Digital Health Communication

Program Structure & Course Delivery

Drury University's Graduate Certificate in Digital Health Communication is made up of six one month block courses.  Classes may be completed as stand alone units (three hours of gradaute credit each) or combined to earn the certificate (six courses).

The readings list for each month long course will be made available at least one week prior to the beginning of class meetings. When classes begin they will occur three to four times per week (usually beginning at 6:30 pm CST) including Q&A sessions with professional guests.

Course facilitators will lead class meetings live on the internet using a WebEx conference interface (demo below). Each meeting will be recorded and posted for download by participants.

Facilitators and participants will be afforded maximum flexibility regarding the structure and delivery of each course.

Example of how a single block course may be structured: The first week includes discussions of the research and readings made available prior to the beginning of classes with the second week becoming a forum for practical application of concepts through the review of appropriate case studies. Weeks three and four further build upon the prior weeks while focusing on the creation of original research, project plans, market strategies, etc. by course participants. Week four wraps up with presentations of research, strategies, plans, or projects by each participant.

Questions about the structure & delivery of Drury's Graduate Certificate in Digital Health Communication. Please use the Digital Health Communication contact form.