Alumni Profile: Brittany Gasser

Name: Brittany Gasser
Degree(s) Earned: Management
Graduation Year(s): 2012
Current Profession: Recruiter, Farmers Insurance Group

We’d love to share more about your professional success with our current and future students – please describe your career path to this point as well as your current profession:
I started in May 2012 as an agent with Farmers Insurance Group in Springfield MO. I was recruited in January of 2013 to become the district recruiter in Springfield. Hopefully in the future I can move into a higher management position in this district.

How did your experiences in the Breech School of Business prepare you for your professional career?
My experiences at Breech helped prepare me for the professional business world. I was able to apply the theories and techniques from class to the real world. 

Were there any specific courses or areas of study that were especially useful to you?
While all the courses prepared me, Project management and HR management were two of the courses that helped me the most.

Do you have any favorite memories inside the Breech building?
Favorite memories include lots of late night study groups in the lounge, as well as hearing “Is everybody happy?” walking down the hall!

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning their course of study in the Breech School of Business?
Make sure and learn the material because it will be helpful in the future. And of course have fun!!!