Internships for Breech Students

To provide Breech students with an opportunity to gain practical experience related to their course of study.  The internship requirement means that all Breech students can obtain "hands-on" experience working with professionals in their areas of interest.  Through this experience Breech students are able apply their coursework and are better prepared at graduation to begin their careers.     

All students pursuing a B.B.A. degree with a major in accounting, economics, finance, management or marketing are required to complete a 135-hour internship and must register for ACCT 480 or MGMT 480 Professional Business Experience to receive three hours of academic credit. Students need to complete the Learning Contract and Internship Agreement forms. The forms need to be signed and submitted to Career Planning & Development before beginning the internship experience and no later than the deadline to register for credit in the semester.


Breech School of Business Engaged Learning Opportunities

The ability to plant the seed of employment and help students get a foot in the door is one of the main reasons Drury's Breech School of Business requires an internship for all its graduates. Director Michael Shirley says, "The internship gives students the opportunity to leave the classroom, leave the theory, and to go out and actually begin to apply it and practice that theory."


Breech Student Interns At BNP Paribas

Investment banking in the central United States is almost non-existent and trying to obtain access to a New York-based firm is practically impossible. Yet, a lot of persistence, hard work, and knowing a single alumnus can go quite far in trying to obtain an internship.

After many phone calls and emails during the fall of 2011 and January, I secured a phone interview with BNP Paribas--a large French bank (equivalent of the J.P. Morgan of Europe). (click to read more)


Breech Students Intern At American Italian Pasta Company

Internships are a vital part of the college experience at Drury. Students of the Breech School of Business are required to complete an internship during their college career.

The American Italian Pasta Company (AIPC) is one company where Breech students have found success in a summer internship program. Three Breech graduates—Chris Barratt, Melissa Hollon, and Kristen Pflumm—completed the program during summer 2011. (click to read more)


Breech Student Interns At BKD

After four years of business classes at Drury, the time finally came for me to test my knowledge this summer during an internship.  I worked at the Kansas City office of BKD, which is a major public accounting firm.  As someone who never originally considered the field of accounting, I was fortunate to have a professor that helped me find a spot outside of the traditional audit and tax arenas.  I signed on to be a part of BKD’s small but quickly growing transaction services team.  It’s a consulting group that performs due diligence procedures for mergers and acquisitions, as well as feasibility forecasting for healthcare systems, among other projects. (click to read more)