Management Major

Management is about organizing and coordinating work, setting goals and developing strategies. But management is also about acting with integrity, exercising leadership, and raising the bar of professional practice.

Professional managers work in all types of industries and all sizes of organizations. One of the most exciting aspects of this field is that management can be practiced in an area that draws your interest. An interest in fashion, for example, can be joined with the study of management and applied in retail management. An interest in technology can be joined to the study of management and applied in project management. High fashion or high tech, large corporation or entrepreneurial start-up—the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your initiative.

Student Learning/Engagement/Teaching
Management classes often use experiential learning to reinforce the theories and models discussed in class.  Classes involve team projects promoting the development of skills needed for effective teamwork, leadership, and collaboration.  Active debate and discussion means that students are actively engaged in the learning process and contribute to the class outcomes.

Typical Careers for Management Majors
Drury University’s management major is aimed at preparing professional managers to pursue their particular line of interest.

The program of study provides a solid foundation in key areas such as leadership, organizational behavior, ethics, corporate responsibility, law/regulation and strategy. Students in the management program are challenged to apply their learning in individual and team projects, internships, and on their Breech required study abroad.

Where our Students Go
Our management students have successful careers in a variety of fields.  This begins with internship possibilities at a variety of companies such as: O’Reilly, Enterprise, and Council of Churches of the Ozarks.  Our students are then prepared for careers in the profit and non-profit sector.  Regional, national, and international employers include:  Advantage Sales & Marketing, Cerner, Citigroup, Daymon Worldwide, Edward Jones Investment, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Often, our students choose to further their education, and a management degree from Breech has prepared graduates for success in graduate or Law school at places such as: University of South Carolina – International MBA program, Washington University, Saint Louis University, West Virginia University, Boston University School of Law, Tulsa School of Law, and University of Missouri School of Law.