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Developing Job-Related Questions

Develop interview questions by examining the job description and determining job demands in each of these following areas:

  • Skills and abilities, including technical skills, communication ability, analytical ability, and specialized training
  • Behavioral factors: motivation, interests, goals, drive and energy, reliability, stress tolerance. Performance is a function of skills and abilities multiplied by behavioral considerations; skills and abilities determine whether someone “can do” a job. Behavior determines whether they “will do” a job. Both must be measured.
  • Institution culture and job fit issues: team orientation, customer service focus, student-centeredness, and accountability, for example.

Interviewers should design questions to elicit information about the candidate’s job qualifications in each of the noted areas. These questions can form a standardized guide for each interview. To customize the questionnaire, interviewers should review a candidate’s resume for points covered on the questionnaire and individualize questions as needed. View sample interview questions.

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