Tijuana Julian
Vice President of Student Affairs
Dean of Students
Office: (417) 873-7215

Sarene Deeds
Director of Safety & Security
Office: (417) 873-7400

Matt Battaglia
Director of Residence Life & Chief Judicial Officer
Office: (417) 873-6871

Holly Binder
Director of Housing
Office: (417) 873-7654

Work Order & Maintenance Procedures

  • Students living in campus housing should refer all maintenance and pest control problems to Facilities Services by filling out a work order through MyDrury by clicking “Facilities Work Order Request” from the left-hand menu. 
  • When a resident makes a request for repair work, he/she automatically gives authorization for university personnel or an authorized agent to enter the unit to complete repairs, whether or not anyone is home. Maintenance work may require a follow-up visit.
  • All repairs or alterations, including but not limited to painting, wiring and plumbing, must be made by university personnel or authorized agents. Residents are not permitted to do any repairs or alter painting, wiring or plumbing (other than plunging) in a residence.
  • Any damage due to tampering with plumbing or electrical system will be assessed and billed to students. Any damage caused by failure to report a maintenance problem could also result in charges.


  • Write down all pertinent information including, but not limited to:
    • What the problem is (be as detailed as possible)
    • How long the problem has persisted
    • The location of the problem (including building, room and area)
    • Include your full name, telephone number, hall and room number.
  • File a work order through MyDrury by clicking “Facilities Work Order Request” from the left-hand menu. 
  • Check status of your work order by logging back into the “Facilities Work Order Request” website through MyDrury.
  • If the problem persists five working days after submission, contact Facilities Services for follow up.
  • Submitting a work order assumes that you are giving permission for someone to come into your room and remedy the situation. Keep your room clean to expedite the process.

If an emergency exists requiring immediate assessment (leaks, fire hazards, loss of electricity, etc.), contact Facilities Services at 471-873-7219, or if the event is after hours, call Security at 417-873-7400.


  • Report to or call 417-873-7654.  Be specific about the problem you are having (missing specific channels, no signal, intermittent signal, etc.)  Provide the location, including building & room, and your cell phone number.  By submitting a cable work order, you are giving permission for the Housing office to give your address and cell number to the cable provider.  Should the cable provider need to enter your residence, you will be responsible for escorting the technician.   



  • Write down all pertinent information including, but not limited to:
    • Which laundry machine (including hall and area)
    • What the laundry machine is doing or not doing
  • Call 417-873-7654 or email and provide pertinent information.
  • Place out-of-service sign on the machine.

Pesticides will be sprayed in apartment-style housing and fraternities twice a year, or upon request.  Dates for spraying are posted on the information sheet on the front doors of apartments. If you need your residence hall room sprayed, please contact Facilities Services at 417-873-7219 to make arrangements.