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Dan Cashel
Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement/Student Affairs & Athletic Event Coordinator
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Staff & Faculty Wellness
Jennifer Kirtlink
Benefits Manager
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Cleveland Clinic Certificate

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Certificate program develops “well citizens” through an understanding of wellness concepts, with the core covering four basic principles of diet, exercise, stress management and risk management. Experiential learning and community outreach provide participants with unique mentoring and community extension opportunities.  Students who complete the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Certificate program will receive a certificate upon graduation recognizing completion of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Certificate program.  Requirements for the certificate include involvement in the following areas of wellness development:

Core Credit Courses
Students must complete each of the five core courses within the Cleveland Clinic series. Each one-hour core course is offered twice per academic year. Instructors represent a cross-section of campus life and community leaders.

PDEV 125: Cooking for Nutrition and Health
PDEV 135: Stress Free Now!
PDEV 145: Cleveland Clinic Wellness Concepts
PDEV 150: Community Outreach I
PDEV 151: Community Outreach II

Elective Courses
The elective course requirement may be met by any EXSP 100-level or 200-level physical activity course.

Community Outreach
The community outreach requirement may be met by participating in two of the following programs:

  • SPS Wellness Programs
  • Greene County Wellness Department
  • Ollis & Company
  • National Center for Tobacco Policy
  • President’s Council on Wellness
  • Tobacco Task Force
  • Panthers in Prevention
  • Wellness Department Volunteer

Experiential Learning Requirement
The experiential learning requirement may be met by participating in three of the following experiences:

  1. Volunteerism/Community Service Experience
    • Independent Service Learning Project (minimum of 25 hours)
    • Alternative Breaks

  2. Study Abroad Experience
    • Study Abroad - Short-term or Long-term

  3. Career Exploration Experience
    • Career Internship

  4. Undergraduate Research Experience
    • Undergraduate Research Project
    • Living-Learning Community resident

Contact the Vice President of Student Affairs for more details at (417) 873-7215 or