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Cleveland Clinic Certificate

Through cooperative efforts, Cleveland Clinic and Drury University have identified an opportunity to improve general wellness education and the method of delivery in higher education.  Students in the program will complete 7 courses, 1 credit hour each.  Upon successful completion of these requirements (and assuming completion of all other University graduation requirements) a "degree certificate" in Wellness would be awarded by Drury University with acknowledgment it was developed with the Cleveland Clinic.  The courses will be administered by the registrar, subject to normal tuition rates per credit hour, and will stand as an elective (participation not restricted to academic major).

Year 1:  Wellness Concepts
One-credit hour, 16-week classroom based course that covers practical wellness concepts as defined by current Cleveland Clinic standards.  This course will serve as the mandatory pre-requisite course for the wellness certificate.  Principles to be covered include:  diet, exercise, stress management, tobacco cessation, drug & alcohol use, sexual health & STD prevention.

Years 2 - 3:  Experiential Learning
Series of 1 hour, hands-on courses that cover practical applications of the concepts taught in Wellness Concepts course.   Students will take one, 1 credit hour course each semester during the fall and spring semesters in years 2 and 3 (sophomore and junior).  Students will be required to take the healthy cooking course, two exercise courses, and the Stress Free Now! program.  Included in these course offerings will be: 

  • Healthy cooking course:  provide students with simple, healthy meal and snack options to arm them with the knowledge to cook and eat healthy for a lifetime.
  • Exercise courses:  Yoga, tai chi, cross-training, distance running, etc. Designed to provide students a basic understanding of how to develop a regular exercise routine that works for them.
  • Stress Free Now! Program:  Will use existing program developed by Cleveland Clinic.  Teaches students valuable tips and techniques on relaxation and stress management. 

Year 4:  Community Outreach
Drury University will coordinate outreach activities with Springfield and surrounding area elementary, middle and high schools.  Year 4 students will spend 1 hour per week providing wellness education, based on the Year 1 Wellness Concepts course and incorporating elements of the Experiential courses in years 2-3.

Graduation / Certificate Completion
Upon satisfactory completion of 7 credits, and provided all other general education requirements have been met, the student will be awarded a supplementary degree certificate in Wellness from Drury indicating it was developed in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

Sample Completion Timeline

Semester Course Title Credit Hours
Year 1 Fall Cleveland Clinic Wellness Concepts 101 1
Year 1 Spring Cleveland Clinic Stress Free Now 1
Year 2 Fall Wellness Cross Training  1
Year 2 Spring Healthy Cooking   1
Year 3 Fall Wellness Tai Chi     1
Year 3 Spring Community Outreach (Springfield Public Schools) 1
Year 4 Fall Community Outreach (DU Satellite Campus) 1