Asian Studies Faculty

Dr. Hue-Ping Chin
Director of Asian Studies Program

Professor of History

Dr. Chin came to Drury in 1997 teaching interdisciplinary core courses and the history of China and Japan. In the past she has offered a variety of honors courses, including Women and Revolution, Paths to Nirvana: Buddhist Ideas, Culture, and Arts, Women's America: History of American Women, and Women in Eastern Civilizations. Dr. Chin teaches Alpha Seminar, Global Awareness and Cultural Diversity, History of Modern China, and History of Modern Japan on a regular basis. She just finished a presentation entitled A Cross-cultural Examination of Personal Protest for Social Justice and is working on a paper concerning the tension between state authority and women in China and Japan.


Dr. Lisa Marie Esposito
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Professor Lisa Esposito teaches classes in medieval philosophy and religion; she also teaches “Eastern Religions and Philosophies” and “Buddhism and the Joy of Being Awake” regularly. She holds a B.A and M.A. in Medieval Studies from the University of York, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval Philosophy from the University of Toronto.


Dr. Chris Panza
Co-Chair, Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Panza's research interests are split between a numbers of areas. First, he is interested in the early modern period of philosophy, especially in epistemological and metaphysical problems in the works of John Locke. In addition, he is interested in the problem of autonomy, more specifically in constructing sensible accounts of feminist autonomy and in highlighting the similarities between feminist autonomy and Confucian autonomy.  Dr. Panza teaches “Asian Ethics” and “Confucianism” on a regular basis. 


Dr. Robin Sronce
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Sronce teaches MGMT 426 Intl Management- China regularly.


Dr. Saundra Weddle
Associate Professor of Art History & Architecture

Professor Saundra Weddle teaches courses in art history and architecture and offers “Asian Arts and Architecture” every other year. With a Ph.D. in the History of Architecture from Cornell University, her dissertation explored the architecture of the Florentine monastery, Le Murate, from approximately 1396 to 1597. She has published several articles relating to monasticism, enclosure, and religious processions. For the University of Toronto press, Professor Weddle translated and annotated The Chronicle of the Florentine Convent of Le Murate, Written by Suora Giustina Niccolini, 1598.


Dr. Shelley Wolbrink
Chair, Professor of History

Dr. Shelley Wolbrink teaches “Social History of India” every other year. Her major field is the Middle Ages with minor areas in ancient history, renaissance and reformation history, and comparative women's world history, including India. She has a special interest in social history and the lived experience of those in the distant past, as well as a reverence for primary sources. She frequently teaches Senior Seminar for graduating history majors, as well as Global Foundations in the general education program.