Behavioral Sciences Awards & Accolades

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Honors Students

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Department Awards

Each year, faculty members in the Department of Behavioral Sciences recognize four to five students whose GPA and extracurricular activities reflect outstanding engagement in coursework and service. These awards are reserved for students of senior status.

2010-2011 Awards
Daniel Clay: Outstanding Student in Criminology
Name:  Daniel Nathan Clay
Hometown:  Lebanon, Missouri
High School:  Lebanon High School
Majors: Criminology and Politics & Government
Minors: Communications and Global Studies
Plans after Graduation: I am attending Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA for a joint degree program in which I will earn a Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Juris Doctorate with a certificate in litigation. I have been awarded the Suffolk University Law School Trustee Academic Full Tuition Scholarship for both degrees.


Ray Geosling: Outstanding Student in Psychology
Name: Raymond Lee Geosling
Hometown: Kirksville, MO
High School: Kickapoo High School
Major: Psychology
Minor: Global Studies
Plans after Graduation: I will be attending the James River Leadership College in Ozark, Missouri for one year. After that I will be applying to Ph.D. programs for clinical psychology.



Ivy Phillips: Outstanding Student in Sociology
Name: Ivy Phillips
Hometown: Low Gap, AR
High School: Harrison High School
Major: Sociology
Plans after Graduation: After graduating from Drury, she plans to WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farmers). She'll work on an organic farm during the day, and they will provide her a free place to stay and meals. The first farm is in Skagit County Washington. It's at an intentional living community of socialists and anarchists and she will be there for about a month. Then, she plans on traveling to different farms in the Pacific Northwest for the next five months. She's just accepted a year long position as a VISTA AmeriCorps member, working for the Noyo Food Forrest of the North Coast Opportunities Gardens Progect, located in Ft. Bragg in Mendocino County, CA.  North Coast Opportunities Gardens Project is a grass-roots organization which serves low income and disatvantaged people focusing on models of effective food and nutrition services through school and community gardens.  After that? Graduatee School pursing environmental sociology? And most importantly, more happiness and adventuring. 


Laura Welch: Victor Agruso Behavioral Sciences Award
Name: Laura Welch
Hometown: O'Fallon, MO
High School: Fort Zumwalt West
Major: Psychology, Criminology
: Global Studies
Plans after Graduation: I plan on saving enough money to move to Springfield and get a job here. I may also reapply to graduate schools once I reassess what I would like to do with my life.



2009-2010 Awards
Maria Rettinger, Victor Agruso Behavioral Sciences Award
Kelly Forsythe, Outstanding Psychology Student and Recipient of a Departmental Recognition in Scientific Analysis
Jennifer Goodwin, Outstanding Criminology Student
Mackenzie Love, Outstanding Sociology Student

2008-2009 Awards
Lauren Cunningham, Victor Agruso Behavioral Sciences Award
Nathan Crumm, Outstanding Criminology Student
Chris Ijames, Outstanding Criminology Student
Ashley Vance, Outstanding Psychology Student
Chloe Moushey, Outstanding Sociology Student

2007-2008 Awards
Lauren Mitchell, Victor Agruso Behavioral Sciences Award
Carly Crocker, Outstanding Criminology Student
Angelia Basten, Outstanding Psychology Student
Alise Robertson, Outstanding Sociology Student

2006-2007 Awards
Josh Rainey, Victor Agruso Behavioral Sciences Award
Alicia Libla, Outstanding Criminology Student
Cole Denton, Outstanding Psychology Student
Emily Schmittel, Outstanding Psychology Student
Matt Roy, Outstanding Sociology Student

Honors Students

A number of students from the Department of Behavioral Sciences accept their invitation to participate in the University Honors Program annually. This program of study requires that students complete a series of interdisciplinary courses and a culminating independent study. A sample of Behavioral Science majors and minors who successfully obtained an undergraduate degree with honors are listed below, along with the title of their honors projects.

1. 2008-2009

Katie A. Cash, Attitudes toward the treatment of juveniles in the criminal justice system.

Lauren Michelle Cunningham, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Recent Veterns' Use of Coping Mechanisms.

Amy Leigh Freeman, From Frantic Fur-Rubbing to Plant Pill-Popping: Trends in Self-Medication among the Nonhuman Primates.

Sarah Fenner King, Trying Micaela Alta.

Jason D. Loeffler, The Devil's Purpose.

Erin Marie Mackenzie, Paint by Language: Domination, Subversion, Nationalism, and Spain's Linguistic Mosaic.

Elise Mikaloff, Medieval Medicine: The Myths and Truths of the "Dark Age" of Medicine.

Mallorie Rodak, The Efficacy of College Theatre Advertising.

Jessie Sierzchula, Desired Practices of Healthcare Professionals: Does Gender Make a Difference?

Jennifer Elaine Thomas, Neural Tube Defects: A Study of Genetic Factors.

Erin Marie Tracy, Harry Potter: A Myth of our Own.

Katherine Marie Wiesehan, Technological Advancements at the Greene County Office of Emergency Management: An Applied Research Project.

2. 2007-2008

Mary Aherns, Elusive Independence: Coco Chanel, Couture and Control in Post-War France.

Jessica Leigh Allison, "To Die for the Homeland Is to Live:" Fidel Castro's Letters from the Isle of Pines Prison and His Plans for the Cuban Revolution.

Sarah Marie Baldwin, The Future of Feminism: An Analysis Through Theory and the Visual Arts.

Keisha Baxter, Dads Are the New Moms: A Rhetorical Critique of Ideologies in Contemporary Television Advertising.

Alicia Marie Bishop, Uniting Opposition: A Historical and Contemporary Interpretation of Paul's Work Toward Uniting Cultures.

Jessica Renee Duncan, Analysis of The Flat Tax Reform Proposal and Its Effect on Real Economic Situations.

Ryan Hopper, Masochism, Masculinity, My Body.

Alma Gabriela Loaiza Nieblas, Delivering the Bitter-Sweet Taste of Chocolate and Coffee in Mexico.

Ashley Maher, Birds in Our Hands: Trauma, Futures and Community in the Novels of Toni Morrison.

Kayla Phillips, "In Faith I Will Still Spin": Comedy, Stereotype and the Icon of the Weaver in the Medieval Mystery Cycles.

Grant R. Scott, Tri-Thymidine Complex: A Structural Theory and a Proposed Experiment.

Kelsey Stein, The Role of Architecture in the Establishment of a Positive Food Culture in America.

Rebecca R. Strain, Jack Kerouac's On the Road and Post-World War II American Sub-Culture.

Erin N. Sullivan, The U.S. Department of Defense's Narrow Criteria for PTSD Leads to a Number of Veterans Going Untreated.

3. 2006-2007

Kathryn Ambrose, The Relevance of Henrick Ibsen.

Julie Rachelle Bishop, In the Interstices: Exploring Kafka.

Summer L. Hilton, Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Nikki A. Kennedy, The Impact of Gender-Based Mathematics Classrooms.

Sarah Helen Leahy, Locating Meaning in Literature: Reader Response Theory and Bibliotherapy.

Alicia Kay Libla, Gangs in Our Community: An Overview of Gang Theory, Local Gang Activity, and a Community's Response to the Issue.

Jamie Miller, A Garden of Forking Paths: Re-Conceptualizing Genesis 1-3.

Roxanne M. Rassti, A Skewed Reality: The Influence of Television Viewing on Perceptions of Crime.

Marcie Rich, In Search of the Sacred: London 2005.

Dora Brittany Steinert, The Power of Music on the Mind and Body: Improving Comprehension Levels in the Classroom through the Implementation of Music.

Carin Louise Thumm, Murder By Association: A Grace Messler Novel.

Bonni Welch, Beauty in the Mind's Eye: Perceptions of Health and Human Facial Attractiveness.

Conference Participation

Below you will find a sample of students who have presented their work at professional conferences in recent years. Conducting undergraduate research and presenting subsequent results is an important part of professional socialization in the behavioral sciences, and all of our students engage in this activity in a campus-wide forum. Nonetheless, we are especially proud of those students who take the next step and present their research in regional and national venues.

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