Greg Booker
Gallery Director
Office: (417) 873-7203

Pool Art Center Gallery 2014-2015 Season

September 5 – 26

Artist: Steven Spencer
Title:  “Random Access: Burlesque, Boxing and Other Bits”

October 3 – 31

Artists:  Julie Feldman Algiere, Eric Clinton Anderson, Ben Bunch, Sarrita Hunn, Doug Johnston, Ryan Thayer
Title: “Drury | New York | San Francisco | Berlin
Curated by Todd Lowery

November 7 – 24

Artists: David Cogorno, Dudley Murphy, Todd Lowery, Rebecca Miller, Jacqueline Warren, Tom Parker, Duane Crigger, Blaine Wisenhunt, Jan Hyde, Clarence Brewer, Ryan Osborne, Clive Gray, Ryan Rosenquist, Dwaine

Title:  “Unconventional Wisdom”
Curated by Jacqueline Warren

December 5 – January 30

Artist:  Dr. Synthia saint James
Title:  “The Creative World of Synthia Saint James”

February 6 – 27

Artist:  Sharon Harper
Title:  “Map of Days”

March 6 – 27

Artist:  David Cogorno
Title:  “ __scape”

April 3 – 24

Artist:  John Ehlers, Kevin Alumno
Title: “Drawing on Inspiration”

May 1 – 16

Title:  “Apex Exhibition”