Panthers for Prevention

About the Club
Panthers for Prevention promotes healthy and safe choices among the Drury Community. It provides the Drury Community with skills and raises awareness about responsible choices with alcohol and sexual abuse. It is done through programming, social campaigns and partnering with other campus clubs and organizations. Through on and off campus activities members and non-members can be involved in alternatives to high risk behaviors. Not only does it occur throughout the school year, but skills will be used and retained for a lifetime.

The purpose of the group is aligned with the Mission of Drury University because it fosters the integration of practical knowledge students can use. It also helps students be aware and responsible at Drury now and when they go into the community.


  • Coalition Meetings (staff and faculty members but students are welcomed to join)
    First Wednesday of the month at 8:30 am in the FSC 204
  • Student Meetings
    Every other Thursday at 11:00am in FSC Diversity Lounge or Room 108

How to Join
Everyone is free to join Panthers for Prevention. Anyone who has an interest in aiding the Drury community to make safe choices now and the rest of their lifetime is welcome!
First-year students are encouraged to be involved because it is important to learn preventative measures to help avoid unnecessary mistakes to help students succeed in college.

Campus Advisor & Contact
Jacob Popa
Residence Director & Prevention Initiatives 
FSC 108

At a Glance

  • Interest Group
  • Open Membership
  • First-year student involvement welcome
  • Meetings once a month
  • No involvement fees
  • To join, attend meetings