Greek Life House/Suite Information

Drury Greek students have a special opportunity to live closely with their brothers/sisters as part of the Greek living experience. New students that join a fraternity/sorority experience college life at an advantage because they have the chance to live and have fun with their closest friends.

Greek chapters are dedicated to offering a safe, positive learning and living environment for chapter members and new members. By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are encouraged to participate in campus life and make close connections by living with their brothers/sisters.

Fraternity Student Housing & Meeting Space

Drury Fraternity chapters have Fraternity Houses on Drury’s campus as their chapter space. Fraternity members will live in the fraternity house once they’ve reached sophomore status at Drury (30+ completed credit hours). All fraternity members may visit the fraternity house at any time allowed by the Fraternity chapter. Fraternity chapters hold meetings, special events and spend time in the fraternity house on a regular basis.

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Sorority Student Housing & Meeting Space

Drury Sorority chapters do not have Sorority Houses. Sorority members live in campus housing and are free to select their roommates each year. This allows our sorority women the freedom to live with their sorority sisters, members of another chapter or non-Greek friends throughout their collegiate experience.

Drury Sorority chapters have Sorority Suites in Freeman Panhellenic Hall on Drury’s campus as their chapter space. These suites consist of a living room-style area, a kitchen and a foyer. All sorority students may visit the sorority suite at any time allowed by the Sorority chapter. Sorority chapter hold meetings, small events and spend time in the sorority suite on a regular basis. Large events and dances will traditionally be held in off-campus locations.