New Member Experience

Experience growth as a member of Drury Greek Life.
Drury Greek Life provides you with personal growth opportunities and helps you gain valuable lifelong experiences as a new member and initiated member of a Greek chapter. Greek membership guarantees you respect as an individual and provides you the opportunity to make decisions to positively impact your new organization and enjoy all of the new experiences of Drury Greek Life.

Drury Greek students have a better first-year experience.
Once you receive a bid from a fraternity/sorority, your new member period will begin and last for six to ten weeks. Traditionally, you will share your new member experience with about twenty other men/women that have also pledged to the same chapter. These men/women are known as your pledge class, and you will spend a great amount of time with them in your first few weeks of chapter life. Many of these men/women will be your best friends through your college years and beyond.  By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are encouraged to participate in campus life and make close connections with their brothers/sisters through the new member experience.

New Member Support Available
Chapters provide members and new members a variety of support options to enable students to stay involved in the chapter and feel comfortable and supported.  These support options include a big brother/sister who is your mentor and friend through your Greek experience, special retreats for new members and members, a structured education program to learn about the chapter history and goals, and special workshops and retreats to increase friendship and chapter involvement.

New Member Recognition Opportunities
Chapters provide members and new members with multiple opportunities for academic achievement recognition. From academic ceremonies and award certificates to special meeting treats and personal congratulatory contact, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the Greek academic community.  This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential and rewards members that have achieved desired academic success.  These recognition opportunities include scholarship banquets, special treats or academic award certificates.

Ideals & Expectations as a Drury Greek New Member
As a new member you will be expected to contribute your time and talents to making a successful chapter. This includes maintaining high academic standards, attending regular chapter meetings, and becoming involved in the Greek community. As a representative of your fraternity/sorority to the university campus, you will be expected to maintain the high ideals that your chapter has set for its members. Joining a fraternity/sorority is a serious commitment; once you have signed your Membership Acceptance Contract, you will not be allowed to be a new member in another chapter on campus for about one academic year.