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Venice and Paris: Art, Culture, and Urban Experience

The "Venice and Paris: Art, Culture, and Urban Experience" summer program aims to help participants develop an understanding of how historical and contemporary challenges of urban living have influenced unique emblematic urban environments. At the foundation of this program is the understanding that site is a key cultural determinant and, for this reason, studies will focus on relationships between geography, culture, architecture, and art. We will consider the role that site has played in shaping history, culture, politics, economy, and even religion. The program will provide immersion in Venetian and Parisian urban, architectural and artistic traditions.

Both Venice and Paris evolved complex systems of spatial organization, urban infrastructure, and formal representation. The stark differences between the two cities offer rich opportunities for comparative analysis and a rich and meaningful experience for students interested in the relationships between culture and place. In addition, both cities have become representations in themselves – powerful symbols of their cultures and centers of tourism. This program will offer students a wide range of experiences and introduce them to a variety of analytical approaches to the study of urban identities and contexts.

Date of Travel: June 8th, 2013 - July 13, 2013

Program Fee* (5-week program): $4,834
Personal Expenses** (5-week program):  approx. $3,400
Tuition for 6 credit hours: approx. $1,377
Total Approximate Cost (5-week program): $9,611

Non-Refundable Deposit/Non-Transferable: $500 due October 15, 2012
Remaining balance due by: February 15, 2013

* Program fee includes: housing and agency fees in Venice and Paris, flight to Paris, field trips, museum and site entry fees, local transportation within Venice and Paris, health insurance, faculty administrative fees, faculty expenses, and miscellaneous expenses.

**Personal expenses include: airfare and ground transportation to Venice/ from Paris, food, required books and drawing supplies, passport and passport photos, souvenirs, gifts, entertainment, cell phone expenses, and travel expenses  if students wish to travel outside of Venice and Paris before or after the program starts.

ARCH 428: Journaling – Urban Form in the Global Context (3 credit hours)
ARCH 458: Culture and Place – Venice (3 credit hours)
ARTH 316: Venice and the Veneto (3 credit hours)

For more information, please contact:

Saundra Weddle
(417) 873-7437


Robert Weddle
(417) 873- 7450