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Beijing, China

Tsinghua University Semester Program

Drury University and Tsinghua University have established a spring semester or year-long exchange program for undergraduate students. Drury students attending Tsinghua University remain Drury students while abroad. They are registered at Drury and will pay their fees to Drury. Most scholarships and financial aid remain in place; exceptions are some activity grants, work study, and room & board portion of Trustee Scholarship.

Program requirements: Students are highly advised to apply early for this program, since only four students are allowed per year. Approved students are also required to have a 3.0 GPA or better and make a $400 non-refundable deposit the academic year before participation. This deposit is applied to program costs and will guarantee their position in the program. All participants will be expected to attend mandatory orientation sessions the semester before travel.

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The Campus:

Situated on several former royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty, surrounded by a few historical sites in northwest Beijing, is the campus of Tsinghua University. The garden-like landscape, with the Wanquan River meandering through, has inspired and motivated generations of students. Tsinghua University was established in 1911. Although Western culture was pervasive in the early history of the university, Chinese culture were also cherished and widely studied. The faculty greatly valued the interaction between the Chinese and Western cultures, the sciences and humanities, the ancient and modern. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the university was molded into a polytechnic institution. Tsinghua has flourished since 1978, with the re-establishment of the departments in sciences, economics and management, and the humanities.

The Tsinghua graduate school has been recognized nationally, ranking first in the National Evaluation of Graduate Schools. The educational philosophy of Tsinghua is to "train students with integrity." Presently, Tsinghua has over 20,000 students, including 12,000 undergraduates, 6,200 master's degrees candidates and 2,800 doctoral candidates. The university currently has over 7,100 faculty and staff, with over 900 full professors and 1,200 associate professors, including 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. With strong support from the nation and in the face of unprecedented opportunities, Tsinghua University is poised to become a world-class university in the 21st century. With the inspiring motto "Self-discipline and Social Commitment," Tsinghua is dedicated to the well being of Chinese society.


Drury University Semester Tuition $10,850
Room and Board Fee: Tsinghua rates TBD
Administrative Fee: $315
Technology Fee $250
Visa: $150
Passport: $135
Passport Photos: $12
International Student Identification Card: $22
Round-trip Airfare: $1,600- $1,900
Approximate Personal Expenses: $3,000

*All Drury scholarships and financial aid are available to the student, except for some activity grants, room and board for Trustee Scholarship recipients, work study, and the residential scholarship.


Students are advised to apply for the semester program during their freshman year (for participation during their junior year) since participation is limited to 4 students in any given year. The GPA requirement is 3.0. The grades that a student earns at Tsinghua will count toward their Drury GPA. Tsinghua University offers courses in Mandarin language & Chinese culture that Drury students may take. All courses are taught in English.

Contact information:

Michael G. Thomas
Assoc. Dean, International Programs, FSC 203
Ph: 417-873-7503, Fax: 417-873-6964

Jay Garrott
Hammons School of Architecture Room 215

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