Funding Requests for Chocolate University

What is Chocolate University?

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri, sourcing 100% of their beans directly from farmers found around the world. In 2007, Askinosie Chocolate partnered with Drury University on a new venture that brings real-world experiences into classrooms at Boyd-Berry Elementary School through a program titled Chocolate University. Chocolate University is funded through Askinosie factory weekly public tours and arranged private tours. Through the generosity of Shawn Askinosie and his family, funds are available for projects related to educating students at not only Boyd Elementary, but also Pipkin Middle School and Central High School.

Qualified Requests

Chocolate University is focused on funding efforts that directly relate to the education of students at Boyd Elementary, Pipkin Middle School and Central High School. Requests for funding should reflect educational initiatives at one or more of these schools.

Request Amount

Chocolate University will consider qualified requests at any amount.

Submitting a Request

Teachers and administrators from one of the schools listed above, or anyone offering programs that directly influence and serve students from these schools, are eligible to submit a request for funds from Chocolate University. Interested individuals should submit a short description of the need, how the person or party plans to address the need, the amount requested, how funds would be allocated (a budget) and contact information for the person primarily responsible for the request. Information should be submitted to Dawn Hiles at Drury University via email or post marked mail, information for both forms of contact are listed below. There is no deadline for submitting requests. Dawn Hiles will respond to each request within one month of receiving the request and she would be happy to field any questions you may have.

Contact Information:

Dawn Hiles Drury University 900 North Benton Springfield, MO 65802 417.569.2958