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Staff Policy Handbook

Part VII: Employment Policies

712 - Procedure for Handling Harassment Complaints

There may be occasions when a member of the Drury University community feels she or he has been harassed. Drury University does not tolerate harassment or retaliation against a person who makes a good faith report of harassment. Any individual feeling in some way harassed should normally advise the harassing party that the comments and/or actions are not welcome or are inappropriate.

If direct efforts to address the questionable behavior fail, or if the person is uncomfortable addressing the harassing party, the person who considers himself or herself harassed should immediately report the alleged harassment. The complaint of harassment may be made to the complaining party's immediate supervisor or to one of the following:

Director of Human Resources
V.P. for Academic Affairs
V.P. for Student Services

If the individual makes the complaint to his/her supervisor, the supervisor will promptly report the complaint to the appropriate officer(s) of the University, who will cause an investigation of the complaint. The appropriate officer for a complaint against a faculty member is the V.P. for Academic Affairs; for a complaint against a staff member, the Director of Human Resources; and for a complaint against a student, the V.P. for Student Services. A complaint concerning the conduct of outsiders, such as vendors, employees of others, or delivery persons, should be made to the Director of Human Resources. In the event that a complaint is being made against one of those individuals, the complaint should be made to one of the other officers listed above.

The investigation of the complaint will be conducted promptly and will adhere to the following guidelines:

1. An investigation will be conducted as soon as reasonably possible after the complaint has been received.

2. The investigation will be done as discreetly as possible with the identity of the parties involved and the information collected treated as confidentially as the circumstances permit.

3. The person(s) against whom the complaint is made shall be warned that there can be no reprisal against the complaining party.

4. The investigator will interview the person making the complaint and the alleged harasser. In addition, the investigator may speak directly with any witnesses of the incident(s) and may attempt to collect other pertinent evidence.

5. The investigating officer will also consult with Human Resources, where the harassment complaint files are maintained, to determine if there have been any previous complaints filed against the individual.

6. Appropriate counseling or disciplinary action will be determined by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Academic Affairs, or Director of Human Resources. Ordinary grievance procedures may be used to review any discipline imposed.

7. The investigating officer will make a confidential memorandum recording the complaint, the investigation, and the resolution. This memorandum will be filed in a confidential harassment complaint file maintained by Human Resources, separate from the employee's personnel file.

8. Upon conclusion of the investigation, each party will receive an appropriate written notice.

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