Student Dining Guide

From fine dining to just plain fun, here are some of the most popular recommendations from Drury staff and students.

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Buckingham's Smokehouse BBQ
2515 N. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: (417) 831-7427
2002 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: (417) 886-9979
3624 East Sunshine St.
Phone: (417) 887-4227

Enjoy the "World's greatest BBQ" at Buckingham's. Diner favorites are the ribs and burnt ends, jalapeno bottle caps and baked potato with everything!

Whole Hog Cafe
224 W. Sunshine St.
Phone: 471-868-0042

Winner of the Editors' Pick Best BArbecue Champion in the potato salad catagory, Whole Hog Cafe also serves delicious barbecue chicken, pulled pork sandwiches and home fries.

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Anton's Coffee Shop
937 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-869-7681

Try the Hungry Student: three biscuits, sausage gravy, choice of meat and hasbrowns. There are 32 omelets, and they are some of the best in town.

Aunt Martha's Pancake House
1700 E. Cherokee St.
Phone: 471-881-3505

Breakfast is served all day at Aunt Maria's, where you can try all the different flavors of pancakes, ham and eggs, and the delicious homemade onion rings.

Gailey's Breakfast Cafe
220 E. Walnut St.
Phone: 417-866-5500

Gailey's was voted Best Breakfast for their delicious sweet potato hash browns, Downtowner breakfast and Mediterranean omelet.

Village Inn Family Restaurant
2036 S. Glenstone
Phone: 417-881-0774
4222 S. Campbell
Phone: 417-887-4774

Village Inn Family Restaurant was voted Best Breakfast for a chain restraurant, and offers many different breakfast skillets and pies for diners to enjoy.

Ziggies Cafe
853 North Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-883-0900

A wide selection including burgers, oriental foods, and pasta. Voted Springfield's best breakfast, best family restaurant, and best overall restaurant.

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Cafes & Bistros

Emack & Bolio's
3521 S. Lone Pine Ave.
Phone: 417-889-3622

Emack & Bolio's offers huge ice cream and cafe foods include soups and paninis. You can also enjoy the giant ice cream sandwich made with brownies!

Frisco Crossing
3253 E. Chestnut Expressway

Frisco Crossing offers many different food options including a chicken pesto panini, a salad bar, hamburgers & fries, and chicken fried steak can sometimes be found on the menu as a special!

The Grotto
3046 S. Kimbrough Ave.
Phone: 417-886-9600

The Grotto was Editors' Pick winner of the Best Mom Lunch. It has a diverse menu, with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, including a soy cheese pizza!

McAlister's Deli
1460 E. Primrose Street
Phone: 417-890-5250
210 West Sunshine
Phone: 417-831-4450
2300 North Airport Blvd
Phone: 417-862-7295
2445 N. Kansas Expressway
Phone: 417-866-2331
1711 West Battlefield, Ste. M
Phone: 417-888-0899

Come to McAlister's and enjoy one of their many different types of tea, potatos, and deli sandwiches,and the delicious macaroni & cheese all for a reasonable price!

Panera Bread
500 Sout National Ave.
Phone: (417) 862-9898

Well-known for some of the best sandwiches and most delicious breads in Springfield.

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Casual Dining

Cheddar's Casual Cafe
1950 East Primrose
(417) 889-8998

Have a tasty filling meal for a great price. They certainly don't skimp out at Cheddars!

Fire & Ice
2546 N. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-866-5253

Fire & Ice specializes in dry-aged steaks and certified beef angus, but offers many different types of food, including crab stuffed flounder!

2920 S. Lone Pine Ave.
Phone: 417-655-1200

Voted Best Burgers of a chain resturaunt by 417 readers, you can get everything from a regular burger to ostrich at Fuddruckers.

Grad School
434 S. Jefferson Ave.
Phone: 417-866-8163

Grad School has been voted best causal dining by readers of 417 Magazine. Fish tacos, chicken tacos, falafel tacos, and the Full-Ride Burger are just a few of the yummy things that can be enjoyed at Grad School.

2431 N. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-862-7777

Houlihan's is a fun and great place to enjoy lunch and dinner. Enjoy stuffed mushroom appetizers, fish tacos and burgers!

Mille's Turn of the Century Cafe
313 S. Jefferson Ave.
Phone: 417-831-1996

Mille's serves all sorts of foods, but the honey pecan chicken salad is one of the most popular choices for lunch. There are also designated smoking areas.

St. Michael's Sports Bar & Grill
301 South Ave.
Phone: 417-865-2315

Voted Best salads by 417 Magazine, St. Michael's also serves burgers and pies that are to die for.

Twilight Grille
1717 E. Cheokee St.
Phone: 417-886-7116

Twilight Grille offers many different chicken salads and has a casual lunchtime atmosphere.

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Hong Kong Inn Restaurant
1632 E. Sunshine St.
Phone: 417-881-1113
1645 N. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-866-3382

Hours vary by store, lunch and dinner are served daily at all locations.

3330 S Campbell
Phone: 417-882-5383
2456 E. Sunshine
Phone: 417-882-9964
518 E. Central
Phone: 417-831-6401

Lucy's offers a cashew chicken lunch special which includes an entree. three crab rangoon, and fried rice for less than $4.00!

Mr. Yen's
4117 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-881-1061

Crispy duck is the specialty item at Mr. Yen's. Rent out a room for birthday parties or other events as well.

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Big Momma's Coffee & Espresso Bar
217 E. Commercial St.
Phone: 417-865-9911
2601 N. Cresthaven AVe.
Phone: 417-866-2221

Big Momma's serves simple coffee and espessos and flavored blended frappes, all of which you can drink while eating one of the many different sandwiches!

The Coffee Ethic
124 Park Central Square
Phone: 417-866-6645

Pastries are served all day long at the Coffee Ethic along with the "single-orgin coffee" which is brewed one cup at a time.

Dancing Mule Coffee Company
1945 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-883-5114

Dancing Mule offers great mocha and authentic cappuccino, and serves sandwiches at lunchtime.

Hebrews Coffee
1604 E. Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-883-6200

Hebrews serves traditional espesso drinks during all open hours. Sandwiches, salads and other light foods are offered at lunchtime as well.

Heroes Coffee
601 N. National Ave.
Phone: 417-831-3737

Heroes Coffee offers diners many different caffinated goodies and blended drinks as well as sandwiches and other cafe style meals on the lunch menu.

The Mudhouse
323 South Ave, suite B
Phone: 417-832-1720

Mudhouse was voted Best coffee shop and serves many different types of coffee and loose-leaf teas. The drinks sport creative names like The Mud Turtle, The Elvis, Frozen Grasshopper and more! Pastries are offered in the morning for breakfast and soups and sandwiches are are available during lunch and dinner times.

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Delis & Sandwich Shops

Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe
3522 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-887-7300

Pickleman's is open daily and offers many differnt types of sandwiches. Try the spicy pepper relish for a little kick.

Planet Sub
533 S. Kimbrough Ave
Phone: 417-862-4782
3050 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-886-4784

There are many differnt types of subs to choose from at Planet Sub, including some vegetarian options and a few are even made with tempeh.

Sub Shop
1721 E. Seminole St.
Phone: 417-887-3804
456 W. McDaniel
Phone: 417-831-8077

Sub Shop was voted Best Sandwiches, and is known for The Fighter Pilot sandwich, veggie sandwich and crunchy cashew sandwich. Sub Shop is cash only.

Which wich?
3405 E. Battlefield
Phone: 417-882-9424
115 E. Battlefield, Suite 100
Phone: 417-881-9442

Which Wich is a unique sandwich shop, where you grab a bag, select the toppings you want, and let the staff create your sandwich.All the sandwiches are toasted and delicious.

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Desserts & Sweets

Andy's Frozen Custard
2726 S. Campbell Avenue
Phone: 417.881.3424
2119 N. Glenstone
Phone: 417.863.7125
4420 S. Campbell Avenue
Phone: 417.882.2411
3147 E. Sunshine
Phone: 417.881.2820

Enjoy many different flavors of custard at Andy's Frozen Custard. Some seasonal items are also served.

Fria Frozen Yogurt Bar
301 Park Central West
Phone: 417-987-3436

Fria is self-serve yogurt with a large variety of flavors and toppings to choose from.

1570 E. Battlefield, Suite E.
Phone: 417-831-2616

At Fruityland you can get self-serve yogurt, custard and sorbet. Pick the flavor or flavors that you want and cover with your favorite toppings.

Gelato Mio
207A Park Central East

Gelato Mio serves many differnt flavors of gelato as well as cakes, cheesecakes and churros and has has a flavor of the week which can be voted for on the Gelato Mio website.

Orange Leaf
1368 E. Republic Road
Phone: 417-888-2050

Orange Leaf is self serve yogurt where you fill your bowl with the flavor(s) of your choice and cover it with your favorite topping(s). A delicious mixture if peanut butter yogurt with pretzels on top or plain yogurt with blackberries mixed in.

Ray's Donuts
3654 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-866-0040

Ray's Donuts offers donuts of practically every kind. And all of them are delicous. Try the raspberry jelly donuts or a cream filled donut!

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Diners & Greasy Spoons

601 W, Walnut st.
Phone: 417-866-9750

Casper's is closed for the summer, but come fall, will be serving the chili, hotdogs and hamburgers that it is well known for!

Steak 'N Shake
3247 Battlefield Road
Phone: 417-889-7887
1158 St. Louis Street
Phone: 417-866-6109
3755 S. Campbell
Phone: 417-882-7164
2760 North Glenstone
Phone: 417-863-9072
1550 S. Glenstone
Phone: 417-887-0906

Come to Steak 'N Shake and enjoy the classic diner feel and the delicous, inexpensive food.

208 W. McDaniel St.
Phone: 417-864-5565

At Whisler's you can get a bag of hamburgers for just $6.95! They are tiny, griddle-fried and taste amazing. Also try the milkshakes.

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Fine Dining

5 Spice China Grill
2058 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-799-0215

The signature dish is the Peking duck at 5 Spice, but the General chicken is a favorite of diners!

The Argentina Steakhouse
1410 E. Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-886-8010

The Argentina Steakhouse is a steakhouse with South American flavors. There is no kids-menu, but there are off the menu kid-friendly choices, just ask about them!

Avanzare Italian Dining
1908 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-567-3463

Avanzare Italian Dining offers customers a wide range of italian meals, including veal, steak, and pasta. There are designated smoking areas and live performances occasionally.

Bruno's Il Ristorante
416 South Ave.
Phone: 417-866-0007

Reservations are recommended for the weekends at Bruno's. Diners just can't get enough of the brick oven pizzas!

Farmers Gastropub
431 S. Jefferson Ave., Suite 160
Phone: 417-862-4444

Farmers Pub uses only locally sourced food and is both a pub and a bistro. On the pub side you can enjoy fish and chips and on the bistro side enjoy the duck confit. The menu changes daily at Farmers Pub, so you will be sure to find something new almost every time you go there.

Flame Steakhouse & Wine Bar
314 W. Walnut St.
Phone: 417-862-4444

Flame specializes in dry-aged steaks and Alaskan king crab legs, but also offers other meals.

Gallery Bistro
221 E. Walnut St.
Phone: 417-866-0555

Try the hazelnut tilapia, bacon-wrapped pork medallions with jalapeno-onion jam, or the mushroom-sage cream soup.

Haruno Sushi Bar & Grill
3044 S. Fremont Ave.
Phone: 417-887-0077

Try the signature "The Oh My God" roll and the "Sex and the City" roll at Haruno, where sushi is served until midnight!

306 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-832-0077

Kai is a lounge style sushi restaurant that has many differnt types of fantastic sushi. Try the Kai Confidential roll for a little spice or something a little more mild if spice isn't for you.

Metropolitan Grill
2931 E. Battlefield
Phone: 417-889-4951

Metropolitan Grill specializes in steaks and seafood and is well known for their flash fried spinach.

Ocean Zen Pacific Rim Restaurant
600 E. Battlefield
Phone: 417-889-9596

Try all different types of fantasic Asian fusion foods, including Chilean sea bass, macadamia nut chicken and the "Hawaii Five-O" sushi rolls!

The Rebecca Grille
209 E. Walnut St.
Phone: 417-863-7000

Five-spiced lamb loin, pan-seared venison, and chocolate French toast are just a few of the fantastic options on the menu at The Rebecca Grille. You can enjoy lunch for $10 or less and even enjoy brunch on Sundays at The Rebecca Grille.

Savor Restaurant
234 E. Commercial St.
Phone: 417-831-5111

Gourmet American food is served at Savor Restaurant.Brunch is served on Sundays.

Touch Restaurant & Lounge
1620 E. Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-823-8383

Touch Restaurant & Lounge has been voted Best Romantic Dinner and Best Outdoor Dining by 417 Magazine. The bacon wrapped dates are a specialty here.

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Gem of India
211 W. Battlefield
Phone: 417-881-9558

The buffet at Gem of India ranges from tame to spicy, the chai tea is some of the best around and the garlic and broccoli stuffed bread are unique and good. Gem of India is a must try.

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1141 E. Delmar st.
Phone: 417-862-9999

Enjoy one of the many classic Italian meals at Bambino's either inside out outside on the patio.

D'Arpino's Italian Cafe
3014 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-889-9898

The Penne Valentine is the most popular and most ordered dish at D'Arpino's.

2259 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-882-5166

The sandwiches are super affordable at lunch time at Digiacinto, and if sandwiches are your thing there are plenty of other choices including the signature chicken alfredo and spaghetti and meatballs!

Nonna's Italian American Cafe
306 South Ave.
Phone: 417-831-1222

Traditional Italian-American cuisine in a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Springfield Pasta Company
4109 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-883-5678

Springfield Pasta Company, previously known as Pasta House Company, has been family owned since 1985 and serves familiar italian favorites.

Zio's Italian Kitchen
1249 East Kingsley St.
Phone: 417-889-1919

A delicious selection of different Italian foods made from scratch and served at affordable prices. From brick oven fired pizzas, to countless pastas and salads Zio's serves wonderful food accompanied by friendly service.

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4301 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-877-1777

Be entertained as the chefs as Hinode prepare your meal on hibachi grills, and enjoy the tasty sushi as well!

Izumi Hatake Sushi Grill
302 E. Walnut St.
Phone: 417-865-0366

Try the Spiral Ecstasy roll, Passion roll, and Lobster Crunch roll at Izumi, where the staff is always friendly.

3637 E. Sunshine St.
Phone: 417-882-1454

Inexpensive sushi and hibachi grill meals are what's on the menu at Kazoku.

Little Tokyo
1635 N. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-866-5596
2823 N. Glenstone Ave
Phone: 417-866-5596

Enjoy sushi and hibachi grill meals at both the north and south locations of Little Tokyo.

Mijuri Sushi & Rhythm
2710 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-889-9593

Try the White Tiger sushi roll for a delicious bit to eat lunch or dinner at Mijuru.

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse
2615 S. Glenstone Ave
Phone: 417-881-7171

Nakota is a kid-friendly hibachi grill restaurant with authentic sushi and designated smoking areas.

Ohana Japanese Cuisine
310 W. Battlefield
Phone: 417-823-7788

Try the hibachi steak and the Monster sushi roll at Ohana.

Samurai Sam's
1440 W. Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-485-6966

Samurai Sam's is open for lunch and dinner. Come here and pick your favorite protein, and starch, you'll also get vegetables and teriyaki sauce.

3230 S. National Ave.
Phone: 417-882-8000

Try the bento boxes at Sakura, they are packed with two entrees, rice, salad, miso soup, fresh fruit, spring rolls, a potato fritter, and ice cream.

3046 S. Kimbrough Ave.
Phone: 417-882-1110

Try the diner favorite, the Kissy Kissy roll, at UMI. It is filled with cream cheese, avocado, crab, and salmon.

Wayo Sushi Bar & Grill
2119 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-886-0300

Try the Fire Viking roll, which comes to the table flaming, or the fried bananas at Wayo Sushi Bar & Grill.

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Soo's Korean Restaurant
3644 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-889-2220

Try the authentic Korean dish, dolsot bibimbap, and spicy kimchi chigae, at Soo's.

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1250 E. Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-881-7423

Riad serves many different types of Mediterranean meals, including the gyro platter, babaganoush, and hummus.

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Maria's Mexican Restaurant
406 South Ave.
Phone: 417-831-9339

At Maria's Mexican Restaurant you can enjoy delicious fried tacos, the Sergio burrito, and the queso de cabra. Visit on Tuesday and get a great deal on tamales!

Prima's Mexican Restaurant
2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd.
Phone: 417-823-7180

Enjoy the many different meals available at Prima's. The enchiladas gustecas is a customer favorite.

Purple Burrito Express
1700 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-863-668
1710 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-881-2400
5361 S. Campbell
Phone: 417-883-5305

Purple Burrito is open daily and offers fish tacos, street-style tacos, the "pasto taco" and more.

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Pan Asian

4728 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-890-6789

Tasia offers Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese dishes. Enjoy your favorite everyday of the week.

Yum Yum Bowl
706 E, Battlefield St.
Phone: 417-882-3644

Try the Korean-style steal bowl, or the Chinese lunch box.

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417 Pizza
4560 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-887-4417

417 Pizza specializes in thin crust pizza, sandwiches, buffalo wings, and more.07

Arris' Pizza
1332 E, Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-881-7260

Cravin' Pizza
3641 E. Sunshine St.
Phone: 417-890-8255

Salads, thin crust pizza, pizones, and stuffed crust with dipping saucee are all available at Cravin' Pizza.

Garbo's Pizzeria
2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd., Building C.
Phone: 417-883-9010

If you want St. Louis style pizza, Garbo's is a wonderful option.

Imo's Pizza
600 S. Pickwick Ave.
Phone: 417-862-1222
636 W, Republic Rd.
Phone: 417-886-4667
2680 S. Glenstone Ave.
Phone: 417-882-4667

Imo's is the delicious original St. Louis style pizza.

Incredible Pizza Co.
2850 S. Campbell Ave.
Phone: 417-887-3030

Incredible Pizza Co. is a kid-friendly buffet style restaurant with more than 100 games available to play after enjoying your meal.

Old Chicago
2040 E. Independence Rd.
Phone: 417-887-0100

The name tells it all. Old Chicago is Chicago style pizza, and has a smoking area at the bar.

Pizza House
312 E. Commercial St.
Phone: 417-881-4073

For over 50 years Pizza House has been serving its tradtional super thin pizza, which is cut into small pieces. Cash only and closed on Sundays.

3049 S. Fremont Ave.
Phone: 417-877-2008

Chicago style pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches are all available at Rosatis'

South Avenue Pizza
307 South Ave.
Phone: 417-869-1500

There are 30 different beers on tap[, thin crust bruschetta pizza and more, on the menu at South Avenue Pizza

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Pubs, Lounges & Bars

Big Whiskey's
311 Par