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Staff Policy Handbook

Part VIII: Employee Conduct

814 - Solicitation


In an effort to ensure a productive and harmonious work environment, persons not employed by Drury may not solicit or distribute literature in the workplace at any time for any purpose.

Drury recognizes that staff members may have interests in events and organizations outside the workplace. However, staff members may not solicit or distribute literature concerning these activities during working time. Working time does not include lunch periods, work breaks, or any other periods in which staff members are not on duty and may not distribute literature in working areas of the offices at any time.

In addition, the posting of written solicitations on university bulletin boards is prohibited. Bulletin boards are reserved for official organization communications on items such as the following:

* Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Plan
* Employment and/or benefit announcements
* Internal memoranda
* Job openings
* Organization announcements
* Payday notice
* Workers' compensation insurance information
* State disability insurance/unemployment insurance information
* Campus activities
* Classroom changes

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