Computer Information Systems Major

Businesses must be efficient in order to compete successfully in today's highly competitive and increasingly global environment. For many of these businesses, Information Technology (IT) will be the tool that enables them to maintain their competitive edge. The need for interconnectivity among systems and for data sharing as well as the ever increasing popularity of ecommerce is fueling the demand for sophisticated and complex information systems. As businesses implement these systems, the need for various kinds of IT specialists becomes critical. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, projections for the fastest growing individual occupations indicate that 27% of jobs are IT related.

Student Learning/Engagement/Teaching
Computer Information Systems courses are structured to provide theoretical learning reinforced with practical application.  Students learn why specific IT-related practices are performed and how to implement them.  Within the CIS classes, students will write software applications, design and implement databases and web sites, and manage IT-related projects for the university or local community.  

Typical Careers for Computer Information Systems Majors
Drury University‚Äôs Computer Information Systems major is designed to flexibly accommodate the IT-related interests of the individual and can complement other degrees.  For example, a CIS/Biology dual-degree program can prepare you for medical systems development.  A CIS/Accounting program can prepare you for computer-aided financial and security auditing.  A CIS/Marketing program can prepare you for IT-related sales and consulting.  A CIS/Management program can prepare you for managing everything from small-scale projects to overarching programs and technology departments.  What do YOU want to do?  Let us work with you as you explore your career IT options.  

Where our Students Go
Graduates that earn a Computer Information Systems degree from Drury University are well prepared for a variety of careers ranging from the highly technical to the highly social (while retaining the technology focus).  Careers include database management, software programming, IT support, system integration and design, webpage development, project management, and network security auditing.  Graduates from this program are employed by a variety of local-to-international companies including Cerner, McKesson, Duck Creek Technologies, Associated Electric Cooperative, CSI Designs, and City Utilities.