Economics Major

The study of economics develops analytical skills that are applicable to many jobs, including careers in business and government.  An economics major also provides an excellent background for graduate study in business, law, public administration, finance and economics.  Many students elect to pursue dual majors in the Breech School, with a dual major in economics and finance being particularly commonplace.

Student Learning/Engagement/Teaching
Economics courses are designed to provide students with the theoretical foundation required to analyze economic problems and help business and government leaders make better decisions. Knowledge of economics is also essential for citizens to participate responsibly in public debate on economic and social issues.

Typical Careers for Economics Majors
An undergraduate major in economics provides a broad foundation which is excellent preparation for many jobs in business and government.  Economics majors are required to take courses in accounting, finance, statistics, marketing, and management in addition to their economics specialization.  This preparation provides the broad-based background sought by many employers while emphasizing the rigorous analytical skills that characterize economic reasoning.

Where our Students Go
Economics majors from Drury have gone on to careers in business, government and higher education.   Recent graduates include an analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, a volunteer with AmeriCorps in Los Angeles, an investment banker in training in New York City, and a graduate student in the economics program at the University of Kansas.