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Retired Faculty Fringe Benefits

ELIGIBILITY: Must have a minimum of ten years of employment with Drury, and have reached the age of 55.

HEALTH INSURANCE: (Must be covered at the time of retirement.) Retiring faculty are eligible to continue their health insurance coverage, at their own expense, through Drury’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network and Indemnity medical insurance coverage. Dependent coverage is also available at the employee’s expense. Doctor visits, which include, physicals, immunizations, etc., require office co-pays. All other network services require a deductible and a co-insurance payment. Out-of-network benefits require a higher deductible and a higher co-insurance payment. The plan provides a prescription formulary. Mail order prescriptions for a 90-day supply are available and require: 2 x regular 30 day supply co-pay. Refer to Drury HR for more information on network providers, the health insurance plan description, prescription benefits, and pharmacy network providers. Upon attaining eligibility for Medicare coverage, retired participants are required to enroll in and utilize Medicare coverage as their primary coverage. The coverage under the Drury plan will become secondary.

DENTAL INSURANCE: (Must be covered at the time of retirement.) Retiring faculty may participate in the dental plan at their own expense. If currently still receiving a paycheck, a retiring employee may have their dental premium deducted monthly; otherwise the employee will receive a monthly invoice for the premium amount. Refer to Drury HR for more information on network providers and to view the dental insurance plan description.

TAX SAVINGS PLAN: (This only applies to early retirees who are still receiving a monthly paycheck.) Retired faculty may participate in the Tax Savings Plan. The Tax Savings Plan allows you to redirect certain allowable expenses that you have incurred with tax-free money. Allowable expenses are divided into four categories: 1) Reimbursable Health Care Expenses, 2) Reimbursable Child Care and Dependent Care Expenses, 3) Dental Insurance Premiums, and 4) Health Insurance Premiums. If you do not use the Tax Savings Plan, you will be billed each month for medical and dental insurance premiums. Refer to Drury HR for more information on the tax savings plan.

TUITION REMISSION: Retired faculty, who are tenured at the time of retirement from Drury University, and their immediate present family (spouse and dependent children) are eligible for undergraduate tuition remission benefits. Lab fees, books, special fees, and non-credit courses are excluded.

The tuition grant program for undergraduate study is limited to five years of full-time enrollment.

All tuition applicants who have not completed an undergraduate degree are required to complete and process a Free Application for Federal Student Aid for each grant request. The Student Aid Report (SAR) must be filed with the Financial Aid Office.

An eligible dependent is defined in IRC section 152 and described in IRC section 151 of the Internal Revenue Code as a child who is a blood descendant of the first degree, one who is legally adopted, or one who is a stepchild primarily dependent on the eligible parent for financial support, and at the end of a calendar year is under age 19 or is a full-time student under age 24.

CAMPUS ID CARD: Retired faculty may retain their Drury University ID card. This card will be necessary to access some of the other benefits outlined below.

BOOKSTORE DISCOUNT: Retired faculty receive a 10% discount on all personal merchandise purchased in the bookstore. Must present ID card.

HUTCHENS HPER & BARBER FITNESS CENTER: Retired faculty and their immediate family members may use the HPER facilities free of charge. Rules and regulations are published at the beginning of each academic year. A copy of the current year’s rules and regulations is available in the Human Resources Office.

OLIN LIBRARY: Retired faculty may check out books and videos from the library at no charge. Must present ID card.

PARKING TAG: Retired faculty who intend to continue to utilize campus facilities may retain their non-residential parking tag.

E-MAIL ACCOUNT: Retired faculty may maintain their e-mail accounts with Drury University at no charge.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: Retired faculty may continue to receive two free general admission tickets to each home athletic event. To obtain tickets, contact the Athletics Administrative Assistant at extension 7265 prior to the event.

OTHER CAMPUS EVENTS: There are many campus events that are free of charge, for example Drury Music department programs and recitals, Drury Art department exhibits, etc. Where admission is charged, retired faculty may attend at regular faculty prices.

FOOD SERVICE DISCOUNTS: Retired faculty members are eligible for the faculty and staff discounted pricing for meals in the Commons. Must present ID to receive discount.