Student: Evan Kuo

Name: Evan Kuo
Expected Graduation Date: August 2015
Undergraduate Degree and Institution:
Drury University 13’
Marketing & Management

Please tell us about your future plans once you receive your MBA from the Breech School of Business.
I have many passions and definitely want to pursue them! I have given many thoughts to entering into the field of collegiate athletic administration in sales and corporate sponsorship/advertising.

How are your experiences in the MBA program at the Breech School of Business enhancing your professional career?
The MBA program is giving me the opportunity to take a look at my leadership and management styles and enhancing them in my everyday work environment. How can I be a better leader? This is a question everybody should be asking themselves and hopefully I am taking the steps learned in my classes at Drury.

What specific courses have been your favorite, and why?
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. Dr. Prewitt is giving us the opportunity to learn through discussion of real world readings to understand CSR. Ethics are very important in everyday business practices, so it is important we understand them.

Do you have any favorite memories of about the Breech MBA program?
The live-in weekend was a blast! Great opportunity to meet future classmates and see professors before we begin classes.