Student Profile: Mohamed Elhadj

Name: Mohamed Elhadj
Expected Graduation Date: August 2013
Undergraduate Degree and Institution: Bachelor of Science, Finance, Missouri State University

Please tell us about your future plans once you receive your MBA from the Breech School of Business.

I am seeking a career in the financial industry or with a management consulting firm. I hope to apply and use my finance undergraduate degree and the MBA degree in financial consulting or risk management.

How are your experiences in the MBA program at the Breech School of Business enhancing your professional career?

The MBA program at Drury has been a huge learning experience. We get a full view of many subjects in business, including finance, economics, and strategic management. The number of projects involved helped me get a feel for the issues and challenges companies face and how to participate in developing solutions. I hope to be able to participate in the decision making process and help my company grow in different ways, not just financially.

What specific courses have been your favorite, and why?

Personally, I loved Economics with Dr. Rohlf. It was a very challenging class, but with the everyday applications and the extremely fast pace, it was a great learning experience.

Do you have any favorite memories of about the Breech MBA program?

I have many great memories in the program; I have been a member of great teams of professionals that have helped me grow in many different ways. I also met and made many great friends throughout the program.

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the MBA program at the Breech School of Business?

Time management is the most important advice I would tell anyone starting this Master’s degree. There will be quite a bit of work due at the end of every week, but when they start early and keep up with their readings, they should be just fine.

Also, I would say patience is crucial when you start the MBA. For students coming directly from undergrad there is some initial review. However, after the review the experience changes and the challenges and learning begin.  They will enjoy it.