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Aigina, Greece: Environment and Culture

Field Studies is a requirement for an Environmental degree for Geography. Geography is a discipline that uses field research to learn more about people, places, and the environment. Field Studies in Geography at Drury has studied things like the impact of climate change on Greek food production, the Impact of the Pacific Ocean currents on marine debris in Hawaii, and the impacts of land use on water quality in the Ozarks. Since the world is constantly changing, geographers must develop strong research skills in order to be able to describe and interpret new patterns evolving in the natural world. This course distills research categories into basic cultural or physical realms. Field sites and topic of study will be chosen to represent the interactions between people and the natural environment. While students will focus on either cultural or physical geography field research, all students will learn about both, and draw conclusions, based on analysis of collected data.

Two tracks of study will be offered to students and each will choose to focus on either:
Physical Geography of the landscape, coastline, environment, or climate
Cultural Geography and the production and distribution of food and beverages

Date of Travel: May 20 – June 11, 2014
Program Fee*:  $1828
Tuition for 3 credit hours: approx. $729
Personal Expenses**:  approx.  $2270
Total Approximate Cost:  $4827

Non-Refundable Deposit/Non-Transferable: $500 due by October 25, 2013
Remaining balance due by: February 21, 2014

* Program fee includes: Onsite hotels and apartments, local transportation, health insurance, faculty expenses and all course administration costs.

**Personal expenses include: Airfare to and from Athens (purchased individually), passport and passport photos, and meals.  Students have choices in these expenses and can spend more or less depending on their own needs and market options.  Most students also choose to spend $200-$500 on shopping and entertainment as well, but this is by personal choice and is not required or expected of them.

GEOG 361: Field Studies in Geography: Greece (3 credit hours)
ENVR 361: Environmental Field Studies (3 credit hours)
PDEV 205: Engaged Learning (0 credit hours)

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Sean Terry
(417) 873-6963
Burnham 324