Student Employment Program Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What is "Work Study"?

A. Work Study is a federally funded work program that is awarded by the Financial Aid office to students whose families meet certain income requirements. The amount of the award must be earned over the course of the academic year for which it was awarded. Award amounts vary, so you sould verify this amount with your work study student employee.

Q. Is every student staff member on "Work Study"?

A.   No.  Only a certain number of students who have applied for and received a work study award from Financial Aid are considered to be Work Study.

Q.   What is the benefit of hiring Work Study student?

A.   If your department has applied for and received authorization to work study funds, your department budget are not charged for the student’s wages unless he/she exceeds the departmental authorization or the amount of his/her work study award.

Q.   Can any student get a Work Study award?

A.   No.  Only those students whose family income level allows them to qualify are eligible.  Students must also file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Q.   Do I have to employ a person with Work Study, or can I select the most qualified person for the job?

A.   Work study recipients always have first priority.  Every effort should be made to ensure that all students with a work study award are employed before considering students without an award.  This is regardless of whether the department has been authorized access to work study funds.

Q.   How do I employ an International student?

A.   Call H.R. to confirm that the student has been authorized by HR to begin work.  The student must have completed the required paperwork, i.e. W-4’s, I-9, etc.  As with any other student staff member, an international student may not begin work until they have been authorized to do so by Human ResourcesSupervisors ensure that they have received confirmation from human resources prior to allowing any student to begin working.

Q.   How are wage rates set?

A.   Wage rates are established by Human Resources by comparing the duties, responsibilities, skills, and abilities listed on the job description.  Almost all jobs on campus have wage rates set at the minimum wage of $7.35.

Q.   Why are job descriptions required for each position?

A.   Job descriptions are very important for several reasons.  Not only do they provide applicants with information about the various job duties and requirements of each position, but they also provide Human Resources with the necessary information to set wage rates, post job openings, and communicate effectively with other campus departments concerning job openings and closings.  They also provide the criteria for supervisors to use when evaluating a student staff member’s job performance.


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