Alumni: Dan Coryell

Name: Dan Coryell
MBA Graduation Year: August 2010
Current Profession: Real Estate/Property Management

We’d love to share more about your professional success with our current and future students – please describe your career path to this point as well as your current profession: -
I have worked in the field of real estate/property management for TLC Property Management in various roles for 13 years.  For the past three years, I have served as the Director of Legal & Community Compliance.  TLC operates and manages over 3,000 apartment units in Springfield and the surrounding area. 

How did your experiences in the Breech School of Business MBA prepare you for or enhance your professional career?
The most important concepts and skills I learned during MBA education experience are effective leadership and management of team-based tasks.  The outcome of a team is directly related to the leader’s ability to communicate clear, concise objectives, division of labor among team members, detailed feedback for the duration of project, the importance of sharing information and critical integration data between the members.  As I have implemented this approach to projects, I have been amazed at the synergy that in is created in the team and the empowerment each member displays.  Strategic goals have been accomplished sooner and with enthusiasm and buy-in from all of the team members. 

Were there any specific courses that were especially useful to you?
The courses in the MBA are all essential for a well-rounded, knowledgeable business professional.  To become a future business leader, the MBA student must have a rudimentary understanding of all facets and components of business enterprise, but the three courses that impacted me the most are: Strategic Organization & Human Resource Management, Understanding Customers and Markets, and Entrepreneurial Development.  

Do you have any favorite memories of your time in the Breech MBA program?
Breech School of Business earned the coveted, prestigious AACSB national business accreditation the semester before I graduated.  That was a well-deserved honor for Breech and value-adding to my degree. 

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the Breech School of Business MBA program?
First, do not take the Principles of Economics course for your first class!  Dr. Rohlf is a great teacher, but it may not be the best class to become acclimated to the MBA program.  Second, be prepared to work in several different groups on class projects during the program and have an open mind to group collaboration and delegating responsibility for completing team-based assignments.