Student: Tabitha Lewis

Name: Tabitha Lewis
Expected Graduation Date: August 2013
Undergraduate Degree and Institution: BS in Accounting, Indiana State University, 1991

Please tell us about your future plans once you receive your MBA from the Breech School of Business.
Completing the MBA program at Drury is part of my individual development plan in transitioning from management accounting to operations management at SRC Electrical (a division of SRC Holdings).  This is a training tool in our Succession Planning process to prepare me to be in a general manager role in the future.

How are your experiences in the MBA program at the Breech School of Business enhancing your professional career?
The MBA program is providing me with well rounded and diverse learning in all areas of business management.  This knowledge is already helping me to be a more effective business manager.

What specific courses have been your favorite, and why?
My favorite course, so far, has been MBA 669 Designing Strategic Teams taught by Dr. Amy Lewis.  This has been my favorite and most useful class, because I have been able to apply what I learned in this class in many situations.

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the MBA program at the Breech School of Business?
Be prepared and stay engaged.  This is a great program that will help prepare you to be an effective business leader.