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Student Spotlight: Meet Madison Miller

"It it so great to be where I know I belong."

As a transfer student from a large public university, Madison Miller has a unique appreciation for the degree of personal attention she receives from her professors at Drury. This personalized education has allowed Madison to get involved on campus, especially with Drury's Enactus team.

A Sense of Belonging

Before having that opportunity, though, she took a longer route to end up at Drury. Like many incoming freshmen, Madison applied for and was accepted to Drury during her senior year of high school. She began to plan and prepare to start at Drury in the fall.

Then, however, Madison noticed how most of her friends were preparing to move away for college. As a Springfield native, Madison realized there was a chance she would be missing out on the chance to move away from home. At the last minute, Madison made a spontaneous decision to move a state away to attend the University of Arkansas instead of Drury.

"After a semester in Arkansas, I knew it was not the right place for me, and I transferred to Drury," Madison says. "It it so great to be where I know I belong."

New Experiences, New Perspectives

Despite living in Springfield, Madison did not want to miss out on experiencing residential life at Drury, so she made the decision to live on campus. In fact, she cites moving into Wallace Hall as her favorite memory at Drury so far.

"I was very excited to be living in a new dorm and to meet all of the new people," she says. "It was really a once in a lifetime event and Drury made it so fun and easy."

Meeting those new people, working with international students and becoming involved in Drury's Enactus team have helped shape Madison with new perspectives on the world.

"I most definitely feel like I have changed since coming to Drury," she says. "I look at myself as a more diverse person who sees the world differently and I give thanks to Drury."

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