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Current City:
Bolivar, Missouri
B.A. in Communication
Owner, Revel Advertising

How did Drury prepare you for life after college?

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How has your liberal arts education helped you?

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Emily Johnson

"Value every class that you take."

When Emily Johnson graduated from Drury in 2006, she felt prepared for all that lay ahead through her coursework, leadership opportunities, global study and social involvement. And in the years since walking across the stage, she's put that preparation to good use, from earning a master's degree to owning an advertising company in Springfield.

Liberal Arts Background, Professional Preparation

The combination of professional preparation and a liberal arts education truly were the keys to success for Emily. In fact, she uses them daily in the operation of her business, Revel Advertising. a full-service agency passionate about the development of regional brands and non-profit organizations.

"The liberal arts education really pushed me to explore areas of my education that I would have never pursued on my own," Emily says. "During college I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Greece and take thought-provoking classes such as The History of Joan of Arc. Both of these experiences have not only led to great resume builders but also interesting dinner topics when meeting with clients."

Emily says she didn't necessarily realize the value of those classes while she was a student, but now has seen how relevant that education has been for her.

"Value every class that you take, even the pre-requisites," she says. "I know a lot of students, myself included, just view those classes as a stepping stone to their real education but I can’t tell you how much I look back and wish I had taken more foreign languages and literature classes."

Creating - and Celebrating - Success

As a student, Emily was highly involved on campus, which helped develop her leadership and service skills.

"Life at Drury was a very exciting time for me," she says. "I did not live in the dorms and as a commuter I really had to put more effort into being involved on campus. I was a member and later president of my sorority, a member of Ad Club and Ad Team and volunteered at many school fundraisers for non-profit organizations."

She used those skills, honed them for use in her professional life, and now can operate "with confidence in a highly competitive world."

And it was the celebration of that initial success that Emily cites as her most memorable moment at Drury.

"My favorite memory at Drury was walking across the stage to receive my diploma and knowing that my friends and family were in the audience smiling from ear to ear," she says. "It was the most gratifying moment knowing that all those late nights studying and socializing had finally come to an end and the next chapter of my life was about to begin."

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