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Current City:
Springfield, Missouri
Accounting '07; MBA '08
Senior Accountant with Elliott, Robinson & Company, LLP

What was life at Drury like for you?

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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Carrie Brown

"It was amazing to me how a group of college students could make such a difference in the world."

When Carrie Brown received a B.A. in Accounting in 2007 and an MBA in 2008, she was setting herself up on a fast track to success. Now a Senior Accountant with Elliott, Robinson & Company, LLP, Carrie gives much of the credit for her early success to the liberal arts background she received along with her professional preparation at Drury. As a student, she was also very involved in the university's Enactus team (formerly SIFE - Student in Free Enterprise).

"The Drury curriculum prepared me 100 percent for my professional life after college," Carrie says. "Not only technically, but socially as well. On a technical level, I was very prepared to take the CPA exam, and had a great idea of what the working world really meant. The SIFE team and the opportunities that it presented gave me countless “real world” skills."

A Lifetime of Memories

SIFE offered more than jut those real world skills, though. For Carrie, this extracurricular involvement is also where she met her best friends and realized the power in working with a team to reach a common goal.

"My experience with SIFE is something I will always cherish," she says. "I met some of my best friends, as well as got the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing and unique. My fellow SIFE team members still provide an immense amount of support to each other, both personally and professionally. It was amazing to me how a group of college students could make such a difference in the world!"

Outside of SIFE, Carrie was involved in several other organizations and groups on campus, including the Breech Student Advisory Board, Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Mu Delta, Mortar Board, Drury Volunteer Corps, and serving as an Orientation Leader. 

"Don’t be afraid to jump right in," she advises new students. "The Drury community is incredibly supportive and is truly a family. There are so many opportunities available at Drury to get involved. Find a passion. There are so many groups to be a part of outside of the classroom. By becoming a part of these groups or organizations, you will learn a vast number of skills that will prepare you for life after Drury."

The Drury Difference

After transferring to Drury from a larger university her freshman year, Carrie held a greater appreciation for Drury's size and the interaction between students and faculty.

"The personalized attention that I received inside the classroom is unparalleled," she recalls. "Every professor is willing to do whatever it takes to help you and to ensure that you are receiving the best education possible."

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