Alumni: Rhonda Alexander

Name: Rhonda L. Alexander          
MBA Graduation Year:  Summer 2012
Current Profession: Corporate Trainer, Business Coach Development

We’d love to share more about your professional success with our current and future students – please describe your career path to this point as well as your current profession:  
I was a not so stay-at-home mom for twenty years.  I went back to college and finished my BS in Finance, two weeks before my oldest son graduated from high school in 2002.  I immediately went into the banking industry and then through a series of fortunate events, I met Rich Armstrong, President of The Great Game of Business.  I became the sales manager for GGOB in 2006, then I transferred to GuildMaster as a project manager for three years, and now I am back at Great Game.  This is definitely my passion.  Great Game teaches organizations all over the world how to implement and practice the pattern of Open-Book Management.  I love my job!  The GGOB methodology asks the question; If the objective of business is to generate cash, to create and sustain jobs, how can everyone in an organization be contributing what they need to if they don’t understand the basics of business?

How did your experiences in the Breech School of Business MBA prepare you for or enhance your professional career? 
I deal with people.  I think most professions do, but I deal with people all over the world.  Breech has a wonderful international aspect to their curriculum that I found very pertinent and beneficial to my career.   The instructor’s real life experience and examples were very interesting and enriched the learning process for me, as an adult learner.

Were there any specific courses that were especially useful to you? 
HR, Accounting, Negotiations and of course, the China trip.  The trip to Beijing changed my thinking on so many levels.  My counterpart in China, a 53-year-old female, would most likely never have the opportunities to pursue their MBA, much less work at a job they love.  A case in point, our Chinese tour guide, Peter, told me that his mother, who is actually a bit younger than me, is illiterate.  That pretty much says it all.

Do you have any favorite memories of your time in the Breech MBA program?
I had to drop out in the middle of my time in Drury’s MBA program due to heavy travel for my job, so, I had the privilege of meeting twice the students!  I would say that all of the students that I befriended and worked with along the way are what will linger with me the most.  I made a lot of new friends, from all over the world, and from every walk of life.  I hope I can keep up with where life takes them.  It was a great group of people.

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the Breech School of Business MBA program?  
Embrace the differences between your co-students and yourself.  By that I mean that there is something to learn from others’ perspectives.  Your weaknesses may be their strengths, and you might make a fantastic team.  No one person is good at everything.  When on teams, figure out who excels at the various requirements of the project and depend on others to shine in their area of expertise, so you can shine in yours.