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Springfield, Missouri
Biology & Chemistry

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Student Spotlight: Meet Katie Hockensmith

Working hard. Striving for more. Growing intellectually.

As a transfer student, Katie Hockensmith has a unique perspective on the benefits to studying at Drury. With her sights set on attending medical school and becoming a doctor, Katie says her Drury education is challenging her to prepare for the tough road ahead.

"Since I have transferred to Drury I have become much more confident in my academic courses and motivated to get into medical school," she says. "I have grown intellectually as well as emotionally. Before I transferred, my dream of becoming a doctor seemed like a distant goal and I had not really overcome any obstacles to challenge my goal. Now, I have never been more certain in my decision to attend medical school."

Finding the Right Fit

While attending a large public university and considering a career as a physician's assistant, Katie began to notice a shift in her career goals. Finally, she realized that she wanted to become a physician, and began looking for a school that would prepare her for medical school following her undergraduate studies.

After a short visit to Drury, it didn't take long for Katie to realize she'd found her fit.

"While trying to decide whether I should transfer to Drury University, I arranged a meeting with Dr. Petrich, who is the faculty pre-medical advisor," she recalls. "I remember sitting in his office and realizing that the atmosphere of Drury was exactly what I needed to thrive. Although I only talked to him for about half an hour, his guidance had a profound impact on my decision to transfer to Drury. Once I left his office, I went straight to the office of admissions and picked up the necessary documents to enroll."

Setting a High Standard

In addition to her studies, Katie is involved on campus in the Pre-Health Professions Club and as a tutor. She also participates in research through her academic programs. The heavy workload and focus on the future is a testament to the high standard Katie sets for herself. She also hopes that her attitude may influence others around her.

"As a student I hope to inspire other students to set their dreams high and stop at nothing to obtain their goals," Katie says. "If each and every student at Drury University challenged himself or herself to be the best version of them, not only would the campus energy be undeniable, but also there would be few universities that could compare."

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