Student: Andrew Taylor

Name: Andrew Taylor
Expected Graduation Date: August 2013
Undergraduate Degree and Institution: Accounting at Drury

Please tell us about your future plans once you receive your MBA from the Breech School of Business.
I plan to pursue a job in public accounting, hopefully in a Big 4 firm, in the auditing field.

How are your experiences in the MBA program at the Breech School of Business enhancing your professional career?
I have gained a comprehensive outlook on the different areas of business. Not only can I look at business decisions and situations through a quantitative perspective because of my accounting background, but I also can relate with the issues and perspectives other business departments face. Understanding business decisions are spread out over many different areas allow me to make more well-rounded decisions that will have the best effect on the business, not just one or two departments.

What specific courses have been your favorite, and why?
I really enjoyed Dr. Jones’s Finance class and Dr. Rohlf’s Economics class. Both classes offered a very stimulating learning environment with many real world applications.

Do you have any favorite memories of about the Breech MBA program?
Some of my favorite memories center around the class setting. Each class has a warm environment where learning is encouraged. Many of times, I have learned just as much if not more from discussions facilitated by students, rather than listening to our professor lecture.

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the MBA program at the Breech School of Business?
Take the time to learn and don’t be in a hurry to move on to the next class. Each class offers a unique aspect to enhance our understanding of different business processes and operations. Being able to pull all the knowledge from each class and put it all together, one can truly see the big picture of business and how everything is intertwined.