Alumni: Max Buetow

Name: Max Buetow
MBA Graduation Year: 2009
Current Profession: Director of Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute

We’d love to share more about your professional success with our current and future students – please describe your career path to this point as well as your current profession:

My career to date has allowed me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of professional experiences.  When I transferred to Drury from the University of New York at Buffalo for the second year of my MBA in 2008, it was as a third generation member of the construction industry with a strict entrepreneurial focus.  The housing recession was in full effect, and these meager times led me to pursue opportunities outside of my professional comfort zone. 

Upon finishing my MBA, an opportunity with Sara Lee in the food manufacturing industry presented itself.  Leaving Springfield, I took on the role of an operations supervisor in a fresh bakery facility in Wichita, KS, where I was given the chance to discover an affinity for process improvement and change management.  In this highly LEAN driven culture, I was moved onto a leadership development track that allowed me to quickly progress into roles of increasing responsibility.  After my introductory experience in operations, I was offered the position as the Distribution Manager for the Kansas region.  This shift from the factory floor gave me the distinct advantage of seeing the bigger picture of the supply chain and regional strategy.

Just as I was starting to feel that I had found my calling in the world of food manufacturing, I was presented with yet another divergent career path in the field of healthcare.  Brian Williams, a Vice President at Cox Health and a contact I made at Drury, gave me the opportunity to return to Springfield as the Director of Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute—the position I currently hold. 

How did your experiences in the Breech School of Business MBA prepare you for or enhance your professional career?

The very practical nature of the school’s curriculum equipped me with a variety of skills which could be leveraged in both business and social settings to further my professional aspirations.  Most importantly, whether it was through classroom acquaintance or the more formalized mentorship program, Drury helped me to connect me to an outstanding network of local professionals.  I was welcomed to this community by its members like Dan Compass and continue to be guided and mentored by individuals like Brian Williams and Dawn Hiles.

Were there any specific courses that were especially useful to you?

Without a doubt, Professor Robin Sronce’s International Business course was the highlight of my academic career.  Being thrust into a foreign environment, I was forced to interweave personal perspectives and acquired knowledge with a fresh perspective and untainted eye.  This offering was a fitting capstone to a wonderful MBA experience, and, in my opinion, it epitomizes an MBA in action.  

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the Breech School of Business MBA program?

Take full advantage of developing relationships with those around you, as these men and women are and will become the leaders of this community.