Study Abroad for Breech Students

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To enrich the learning environment of Breech business students by providing global experiences designed to enhance their appreciation and understanding of the global business community. Through first-hand observations of business operations in other cultures, Breech students will be made aware of diverse viewpoints which impact decision-making in other cultures.

All Breech students will enroll in a Course which involves foreign travel designed to provide an engaging, immersing international experience. Students may choose from MGMT 205, MGMT 206, or MGMT 207 to satisfy this requirement. In order to ensure that such travel meets the requirements of these courses, students need to complete the Breech Study Abroad Form and have it approved by the Director of the Breech School of Business. Note that not all study abroad trips offered through Drury University will meet the study abroad requirement for the Breech School of Business.

Students who believe that required travel would impose an extreme hardship may apply for an exception. Please note that the circumstances must be extraordinary. Contact Dr. Shirley for additional requirements and procedure.


Breech Students Around the World

Students don't always get that excited about required college classes, but not every college class takes it's students out of the country. The Drury Breech School of Business is one of those exceptions because they require their students to study overseas to enrich their academic careers.

"The Breech School of Business has as it's mission preparing ethical leaders for the global business community and we do that everyday, but we recognize that's not enough. So this opportunity to go out and be engaged, to go out and experience in a study abroad environment is exactly what our students need," says Breech Director Michael Shirley.(click to see more)

David Emnett

An Education in Egypt

It was winter 2009. The day I was waiting for was fast approaching. Soon, I would turn 21 years old. Strangely enough, that's not what I was excited about. In fact, my 21st birthday would barely even exist…

We left for Egypt on December 26th, 2009. After 20+ hours of traveling, we landed in "Masr Om El Donia," or the mother of the world, just three hours before the end of my 21st birthday. I turned 21 in a plane on the way to Cairo. Now, just how many people do you know who can say that!? Thankfully, international flights offer all kinds of celebratory beverages. It was the beginnings of an experience I will never forget. … (click for full article)

Morgan Atwood

Living and Learning in Granada, Spain

We are taught to be "global citizens" in the Breech School of Business but I often question what that really means. In the last semester, I have concluded that it is a two part equation: the willingness to walk in another's shoes and being confident to jump into new situations. Throughout my semester I walked in many different shoes, and even wore through a few soles. I was faced with many new and sometimes scary situations but it made me a stronger, more confident young woman. Simply put, studying abroad is a chance to experience a different way of life, which can directly benefit ones future success. … (click for full article)

Paul Nowak

The Slovenia – Drury Connection

Have you met any Slovene students at Drury this semester?  Your chances are pretty good as there are now five students from Slovenia studying at Drury under our exchange program with the University of Ljubljana where Drury students can study at the University of Ljubljana and students from the University of Ljubljana can study at Drury University.  Through the years, Drury students have spent a semester studying at the University of Ljubljana and experiencing important intercultural events... (click for full article)