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Dallas, Texas
Business Management

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Student Spotlight: Meet Sharri Bell

"Life at Drury is spontaneous… It's the college experience."

For Sharri Bell, a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, life at Drury has been an experience filled with opportunities.

From her freshman year living in one of Sunderland Hall's unique Living Learning Communities to having an influential voice on campus through Student Government Association, Sharri's Drury story is one of involvement, activism, education, and, of course, fun.

Enjoying New Experiences

As a freshman, Sharri was a member of the 'Into the Ozarks' Living Learning Community alpha class, allowing her to discover some of adventures available in southwest Missouri while living directly with the other members of her class in Sunderland. Class activities and hands-on learning helped Sharri discover more about her new home away from home.

"We went barn swinging. You don't do that in Dallas, but it was great to do and have that experience and do that with friends that you live with too," she says.

Outside of the classroom, Sharri holds leadership positions in the Student Government Association as a senator for the class of 2014, and as the president of Drury University Diversity Students student organization. These leadership positions allow he to have an impact on campus, and help make the changes that students want on campus.

"It makes me feel like I can change something or do something special," she says. "It makes me feel unique."

As an Edward Jones Scholar as well, Sharri has met entrepreneurs, travelled the state, and communicated with her peers. This has provided her with the chance not only to network with business professionals, but to also create memories. And one of the memories that most stands out in her mind was walking on the field at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, and seeing NFL star Michael Vick in person.

Learning Time Management

With the many different activities that she is involved with on campus, Sharri has learned to balance her social and academic life.

 "You just have to get your work done," she says. "You have to realize that you're here for school, and not for running around campus and getting things done…."

Sharri suggest picking a few different things that you are passionate about and becoming a leader within student organizations that relate to those passions.  Don't get too involved, and balance between work and fun.

"Life at Drury is spontaneous… It's the college experience. Ending up in places that you didn't think you would normally go to or be doing and it's just great," she says. "Walking down Drury Lane so many things can happen. There are so many people you can talk to and see and hang out with - and you would never have otherwise known them. "

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