Returning Student Sign-Up Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Returning Student Housing Sign-Ups

What is the online Housing Selection Form?
The Housing Selection Form is the way to get on the list for sign-up night. By clicking on the various housing options, students can view deadlines and the required paperwork to apply for different locations.

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How many credit hours do I need to be competitive and actually get into apartment-style housing?
There is no set number of hours that will guarantee a first choice, since the order of the list changes from year to year, based on who applies for what.  Students should then fill out an online Housing Selection form for every type of apartment they are considering. Then need to attend their designated housing sign-up night(s).  Even if a group is lower on the list than there are units, it is recommended they attend sign-up night with completed contracts. There are always no-show groups.

Example:  If there are 35 4-bedroom units, and your group is ranked 40th, you still should come to sign-up night with your housing contracts for every 4-bedroom housing type in which you’re interested (Undergraduate Apartment contract or a Current Student Residence Hall contract for an upperclassmen suite in Sunderland).   If 4 groups ahead of you don’t show up or don’t want the 4-bedroom units that are available, then your group gets bumped up the list.

With the introduction of University Suites in the fall of 2012, there were enough apartments to accommodate all sophomores, juniors and seniors who submitted a Housing Selection Form and came to sign-up night. But keep in mind each year is different.

Historically speaking, no freshman has ever gotten a 1-bedroom unit or studio at sign-up night, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen.

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What if I don't know who to live with?
E-mail or stop by the Housing Office as soon as you realize this. Include your name, building preferences and how you want possible roommates to contact you.  The Housing Office compiles a list of everyone seeking a roommate.  They’ll share names and contact information with you so you can find a good roommate match.    

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What if one of my roommates is graduating next December or studying abroad for a semester? 
Any group that includes a person requesting a single-semester contract is encouraged to find an alternate person for the open semester.  If a group does not select a spring alternate, the Housing Office will assign a student to the empty space.  Groups signing up for Midtown houses are required to declare a spring semester alternate on their online Housing Selection Form.

Alternates should attend sign-up night with their group or turn in their contract to the Housing office by 5 p.m. on his/her designated sign-up day. If a Midtown group does not select an alternate they will not be able to pick a Midtown house at sign-up night.

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What if I am abroad in the spring during housing sign-ups?
You will receive notices about deadlines at your Drury email address during the spring semester. You will be held to the same deadlines as students in the U.S.

Share your credit hours with your roommates so they can include you on their online Housing Selection form(s).  The Housing Office will need your completed housing contracts in time for your group’s housing sign-up night(s).  Please scan and email the Housing Office the completed contracts for all housing for which you are applying. Sometimes cell phone photos of a completed contract are precise enough for the Housing Office to read.

Indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices, and the Housing Office will select a unit for you on sign-up night.

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What if I can’t go to my Sign-Up Night(s)?
BEFORE SIGN-UPS, turn in your housing contracts to the Housing Office for all the locations your group is considering.  The Director will bring your contracts to sign-up night for you.  Be sure your roommates know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices so they can select housing with your preferences in mind. 

Your group will not be able to pick a unit at sign-ups if we don't have a housing contract for each roommate. Why is that? A group is only eligible to pick a unit in the order of the list by including your credit hours; if you don’t have a contract to submit, then your credit hours don’t count toward the group’s total, and the group gets bumped down the list.    

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What happens to students who do not get their preferred housing at the sign-up nights?
Remember, if you don’t get into a 1-, 2-, 3-person unit at the first sign-up night, you still have time to find more roommates and fill out a 4-person online Housing Selection Form for the second sign-up night.

If you don’t get a house, apartment, or Sunderland suite at the second sign-up night, your name will automatically go on the apartment/Sunderland wait list. The waiting list will be ranked based on the completed credit hours of each individual.  At that time, each person from your online Housing Selection Form is free to sign up individually for a residence hall.

In the meantime, turn in a Current Student Residence Hall contract by March 28 or Request for Exemption to the Housing Office before April 1.  You will not be able to register for fall classes until you have been approved to live off campus (exemption) or a contract to live on campus.

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How long am I locked into my housing contract?
The length of the agreement is indicated on the housing contracts.  READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN & SUBMIT IT.  

All housing contracts are for the entire academic year mid-August to mid-May unless you’re studying abroad, student teaching, graduating in December, or you drop to part-time at semester.

Jefferson Park does NOT require a full-year contract anymore.  Summer contracts are completely optional.   

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What if I want to cancel my housing contract?

  • If you want to cancel your housing contract based on any of the criteria to exempt, you must file an exemption form by April 1.
  • After April 1, the Housing Office will not release you from your contract without unplanned, extenuating circumstances.  An exemption form would need to be submitted and supporting documentation should be attached.  Be aware that contract cancellation after April 1 is a rare occurance.

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I only need summer housing.  Is there an option for short-term summer housing while I’m in summer school?

Yes, short-term summer session housing will be available in our 4-bedroom apartments for students who are registered for either summer or fall classes.  You can sign up for one or both sessions of summer housing by completing a Summer Housing Contract by April 15.

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