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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Blake Lowther

Small Classes. Strong Community. Success.

These are words that Drury alum Blake Lowther would use to define his experience at Drury.  Having graduated in 2009 with a degree in graphic design, Lowther says that Drury hasn’t changed much since he left. The camaraderie is the same. The picnic tables are new.

Benefits of a Small Campus

Tired of feeling like “a small peg in a big bowl of pegs”, Blake decided to transfer to Drury from a large state school. 

“At Drury you’re unique and you have one-on-one opportunities with professors in every single class. I had one class with three people. I just thought that was brilliant. Your education is so much more enhanced because of the student-teacher ratio,” Blake says. 

The one on one communication is not limited to the classroom either.  Emily Givens, the director of transitional programs for freshmen and sophomores, was especially helpful to him personally.

"I was able to always go to her, and she helped me if I was having problems with either teachers, or life in general, and that was a big help," Blake recalls. "There was always someone there that could help me. “

A Sense of Community

In addition to forming relationships with faculty and staff, students know each other. A transfer his freshman year, he was able to live in College Park, an apartment style community on campus usually reserved for upperclassmen.

“Being there all four years it was a blessing," Blake says. "It’s everyone living together in this community. You have barbeques. You come outside in the morning and there would be people playing Frisbee golf. You don’t see that anywhere else. It’s basically this giant Drury apartment [community], this amazing feeling. It’s hard to describe just how it feels to live there.  I would love to go back and live there today if I could.”

With this wonderful sense of community, it might be tempting to have fun rather than study, but Blake says that one of the biggest lessons he learned is “that you have to learn to balance your social life – it’s college, you want to have the college experience- but you also have to balance your work life, because you have to get stuff done. You have to do your homework and make good grades.”

That lesson is one that he still uses today as he works to complete his master’s degree in graphic design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta.

Life after College

 “I think it’s very important to make sure, when you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, that you aren’t just picking something,” advises Blake. 

Being the son and grandson of lawyers, Blake says that he originally was going to follow in their footsteps, until he realized he hated law.

“If I had declared law [as my major], and gone on to get a law degree, I would have had a lot of money, but I would have been miserable.” he says.

Blake is glad that he decided to do what he loves, and credits Drury and design professor Dudley Murphy, with helping him end up where he is today – one of CMYK’s Top 100 New Creatives.

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