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Ever wish you could catch up with #Drury people past and present, but you just don't have the time? Well have we got have a TWEET for you! We asked YOU (alumni, faculty, staff, students, and a few special guests) for Twitter-style answers to this question:

"What is the best thing that's happened to you so far in 2011?"

…and you answered! From graduation to grandchildren, getting engaged to going on JEOPARDY!, here you'll find the story of a year well lived, written in 140 characters, by 140 characters.





Sarah Mancusi '11 M.Ed. Springfield, Mo.
The best thing in 2011 for me was to graduate with my Master of Education. I worked really hard and was able to graduate in one year!!

Tinsley Andrews - Advertising, Public Relations - Phoenix, Ariz.
The @JustinBieber movie came out on DVD, I can now enjoy the great motion picture from the comfort of my own couch!

William Sillyman '11 Houston, Mo.
Graduating with my bachelor's degree and preparing to start teaching Special Education.

Cecily Robertson - Advertising, French - Kansas City, Mo.
I figured out that my life is much more interesting when I live vicariously through my cat.

Doug Caldwell '91 Lynchburg, Mo.
Hearing a song that I wrote played on a local radio station!

Jennifer Boehm - Elementary Education - St. Louis, Mo.
Passing all my classes for spring semester, getting an apartment for the first time, and turning in my student teaching app!

Cherie Choate '11 Ozark, Mo.
In May, I graduated from Drury University CSGS with 2 degrees, debt free and was in the first class to graduate from the O'Reilly Center.

Tim Smith - General Studies - Fair Grove, Mo.
The snows came and went, we survived, and then I met a new girl who I love very much. And, I passed all my classes this semester.

Caron Parnell '99 Washington, DC
I got married in May to THE man who's been in my life for the past 15 years.

Anish Chakrabarti - Physics, Math - Durgapur, India
I got an internship at the Headquaters of the American Institute of Physics, in Washington DC, to work with the NOVA and Brian Green!

Ellen Ennes '11 Washington, DC
Best thing of '11? Starting a career at @LivingSocial. Best. Company. Ever. Thanks, DU, for helping me find my dream job. :)

Robert (Steve) Fox - Education - Cape Girardeau, Mo.
On my break B 4 summer classes, I got to go to the lake and unwind. The Ralph Foster museum and helping on the Civil War dig were highlights!

Nathaniel Carroll '09 St. Louis, Mo.
Three things: Directed a songwriting camp at The Summit in Springfield, got into law school at Saint Louis University, & my son turned 3!

Charles Macrelli - English - Marshfield. Mo.
There are moments in our lives where no words can describe our hearts. My grandchild's birth is such a time. Words fail me.

Devin Moberly '09 Kansas City, Mo.
Everything! New job, new city, and dog number 2!

Laura Irwin - Arts Admin, Theatre - Overland Park, Kan.
I received an internship at New Theatre Restaurant, which is like a really great theatre that will help jumpstart my career. Yay!!!!!

Kent Otto '08 Rogers, Ark
I moved closer to my Drury friends & family, quit my corporate job and am now running my own business full-time. And I couldn't be happier!

Krista Loveland - Forensic Psychology - Rogersville, Mo.
Having a new start at Drury, while making the best friends I could ask for!

Kaitlyn Kulesus '11 Kansas City, Mo.
In March of 2011, I got engaged to fellow Drury alum Garett Brown '09 in NYC. We met at Drury, of course!

Lena Culp - Psychology, Sociology, Criminology - Springfield, Mo.
Very nearly met my maker. Lived through it! Getting healthier everyday. :)

Caitlin Kissee '09 Springfield, Mo.
Finding my dream job (thanks to a Drury connection)...at only only 24 years old!

Joshua Loveland - Secondary Education - Sparta, Mo.
I was assistant boys basketball coach at Crane High school and we won a 2A state championship. 27 wins 5 losses.

Jazmyne Beamer '09 Springfield, Mo.
Finishing my master's, got my dream job, spent my vacation time w/ Drury Alumi @ our fourth annual 4th of July reunion. All-in-all: Winning!

Peggy Russell - Sociology & Communications - Springfield, Mo.
I returned to college after 20 years & earned A's in my classes. It was great to know my brain hadn't atrophied as much as I had feared!

Tracy Snodgrass '83 Springfield, Mo.
My son graduated from college AND got a job!

Zacchary Harrison - General Education - Waynesville, Mo.
Got a full time job and made the dean's list for the first time.

Erin Swanson '08 Kansas City, Mo.
Fell in love :) Traveled for the first time to Haiti with Water.org, California [2X!] & Alaska with my man. Discovered yoga - life changing.

Christa Scott - Graphic Arts & Public Relations - Lebanon, Mo.
I went to China with the Drury Singers! I learned so much about the culture there & had the opportunity to share music with great audiences!

Kevin Kloppenburg '86, '00 Springfield, Mo.
I was asked to be the go between person between Drury & Central High School to have the 2 schools be more involved in each other's missions.

Mykesha Jackson - Business - Sikeston, Mo.
Making dean's list all year, despite brain surgery!

Charles Neiss '08 Lawrence, Kan.
Bought a home and conquered my fear of regular lawn maintenance.

Stephanie Stotler - Psychology & Sociology - Waynesville, Mo.
The best thing to happen to my so far is meeting the man I will be marrying at the end of next year.

Neil Sickendick '10 Harstville, S.C.
I survived my first year in the real world. Thanks for the preparation, Drury. I owe you big! (No really, I still have to pay off my loans.)

Diane Potts - Human Services - Frontenac, Kan.
I'm another semester closer to attaining my long-awaited Bachelors degree, AND I have another "Dean's List" letter to add to my collection!

Heather Blair '94 Springfield, Mo.
Practicing non-denial of approaching big 4-0 w/ multiple surprise parties. Also babies from DU besties Rhia (Obrecht) and Leslie (Slais).

Caylin Manary - Undecided - Springfield, Mo.
The birth of my beautiful niece, Maila Imari <3

Samuel Moore '08 Washington, DC
I realized that Dr. Rohlf & Dr. Mullins were BOTH right... Only took 3 years. #WINNING!

Andrea Allen - Advertising, Public Relations - Republic, Mo.
Becoming engaged to my best friend! I think graduating in December will be second best.

Ryan Bowling '05 Springfield, Mo.
Diet, exercise. Diet, exercise. Sweat, hard work, new shoes! Changed my mind, changed my life. Shed 40 pounds and never felt better!

Robert Henry - Criminology - Thayer, Mo.
Starting to understand school

Janet Vigen Levi '91 St. Louis, Mo.
Two dreams came true: I competed on "Jeopardy!" and I was hired as Director of PR/Mktg for Susan G. Komen for the Cure St. Louis Affiliate.

Gailene Altis - Biology, Criminology, Psychology - Mountain Grove, Mo.
This summer I've been studying and assisting with the Missouri Black Bear Project for my biology senior research project. It's so much fun!

Jason Loeffler '09 Chicago, Ill.
Publishing the short stories I wrote as an undergrad online (and getting great reviews on them!) Check them out at Jason-Loeffler.com!

Carrie Rainey - Elementary Education - Ozark, Mo.
I spent a month in Rome for a study abroad trip. It was truly amazing and I already want to go back!

Di Xu '11 Suzhou, China
The best thing happened to me is that I graduated from Drury University this May.

Kirsten Whitehead - Architecture
The opportunity to be a part of the design team for the C-Street Market Co-op Booth. I'm very proud of our new addition to the community.

Donna Petiford '90 Springfield, Mo.
The best thing that has happened to me so far is being back on campus as an MBA student. Drury is (still) a great place to learn and grow.

Tiffany Williams - Cabool, Mo.
Best thing in 2011 that has happened for me is the advantage of taking summer classes but also still having time to spend time with family :)

Susan Current '04 Oklahoma City, Okla.
Love to say having my daughter, but it's the day my husband came home from Afghanistan and met his 5 month old girl. Complete Family!

Kristian Burke - English, Secondary Education - Springfield, Mo.
After three years living in different states, I got engaged to my best friend.

Jasmine Martin '11 Springfield, Mo.
I graduated!

Caesar Ambriz - Communication - Springfield, Mo.
I had the privilege of helping a homeless Vietnam-era veteran transition from Salvation Army to their new apartment.

Brandon Lawson '11 M.A. Springfield, Mo.
I received my master's degree and was accepted to the Peace Corps. I will be apart of a HIV/AIDS communication team. 2011 was a banner year!

John Dozier - Design Arts - Springfield, Mo.
Getting through my last math class without hurting my GPA!

Shannon Huett '06, MBA '08 Springfield, Mo.
Leaving Kazakhstan as a fulfilled Returned Peace Corps Volunteer having been changed from the inside out.

John Miller - Integrated Media - Springfield, Mo.
Working for a minor league baseball team in New York as their radio broadcaster.

Stacy Shoemake '04 Nixa, Mo.
My 5-year-old son came home from his first day of kindergarden and said "Mom, I think I'm ready to go to college and live on campus."

Emelia Enquist - Integrated Media - Stockholm, S.D.
Surviving the blizzard!

Tara Dorsey '88 Springfield, Mo.
Getting a new job, with more money and better hours that doesn't include getting cussed out by drunk ER patients!

Floyda Lynch - English - Plato, Mo.
Getting my own place for the first time.

David Burton '88 Republic, Mo.
I went to summer camp with my children for a week as a counselor and we all three grew closer to God.

Kate King
Learning who my friends are and making my bonds with family and friends stronger #whatreallymatters

Megan Chandler '06 Denver, Co.
Getting my house featured in This Old House magazine's curb appeal contest. We were voted third place in the national contest.

Jennifer Pierson
I finally discovered direction thanks to an amazing professor who helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses within my degree path!

Katie Daily '10 Kansas City, Mo.
Getting hired to one of the best local Kansas City Communication Firms, O'Neill Communications, to work on their political campaigns.

Sophie Mann - Pre-Med, Fine Arts - Luebeck, Germany
Going to Nicaragua on a missions trip with the Project Hope team was an eye-opening and amazing experience for me.

Andrea Gill '11 Springfield, Mo.
Five years, four majors, three minors, two degrees and one goal: GRADUATION!

Jordan Herbold - Psychology - Springfield, Mo.
The best part was going to Florida with my mom. We didn't used to get along but college really changes you, for the better in a lot of cases.

Susie Schroer '05 Salt Lake City, Utah
Becoming adaptive recreation coordinator for Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation; running and developing accessible programs for the county.

Lindsy Barnett - Thayer, Mo.
I started school at Drury University at Thayer. Then I found out a week before I started my first day that we are going to have a new baby!!

Courtney Staley '04 Kansas City, Mo.
My promotion to Career Services Advisor so that I can help students find jobs when they graduate.

Monica Harmon - Biology, Spanish - St. Louis, Mo.
Returning from a semester abroad and seeing St. Louis from the plane was like opening the book of my life to a brand new chapter.

Lisa Sifferman '09 Springfield, Mo.
Probably getting my two cats: Norma and Charcoal.

Katrina Strand- Criminology, Psychology - Cocoa, Fla.
I have fulfilled my academic goal of completing my dual major with Drury & been capable of maintaining my 3.95 GPA despite the obstacles.



Arielle Parker - Undecided - Seymour, Mo.
My boyfriend of 8 years and love of my life proposed and we are planning the wedding out for next year!

Jacqueline Tygart -Olin Library
Published in the book Design Build Studio by W. Carpenter, with architecture alums J.Kleman, H.Foch & J.Reeves: http://amzn.to/lz0e8C

Mary Graham - General Studies - St Robert, Mo.
Best thing that has happend to me in 2011: I graduated 8/21/11 with my Associate of Science.

Wendy Anderson - Biology
Watching the Board of Trustees approve our Sustainability Action Plan and a Green Revolving Fund to support it.

Emily Cheek - Chemistry - Falcon, Mo.
I realized that the voice in my head telling me to quit because I couldn't succeed was profoundly inaccurate.

Peter Browning - Philosophy & Religion
In May I received great news that alumnus Dr. Robert McKinnell had created a $25,000 fund to support religious life programs at Drury!

Catherine Chance - Criminology, Psychology, Sociology - Alton, Mo.
My first son I gave up for adoption found me on Facebook and I got to see him for first time in 12 years.

Traci Sooter - Architecture
I worked with 6 amazing Architecture students to design and build a Co-op booth for the C-Street Market!

Charlotte Parise - Theatre - Lee's Summit, Mo.
I was in my first production at Drury University.

Rabindra Roy - Chemistry
9 students presented research work at the American Chemical Society meeting in March. 11 students currently producing publishable research.

Maggie Boeckm