Membership Update Guidelines

All Greek organizations are required to maintain up-to-date membership rosters with the Student Activities Office at all times. There are three approaches to updating rosters: Membership update form which is an online form, an “Add/ Drop” form that can be found online and then turned in to the Student Activities office to the Greek Life Assistant or by emailing the Greek Life assistant, Andrea, or a house father personally and telling them about the drops or adds.

At the beginning of each semester, each chapter is required to submit their current updated roster which leaves off drops over the summer and graduated seniors. This current roster may be submitted to the Student Activities office and given to Andrea, a house father, or the Greek Life assistant.  Because changes in a roster due to graduation, transfer of schools, or various other reasons occur during the breaks between each semester, it is important that the chapter meets with the Greek Life staff to update any of these changes. 
The updated roster is due within the first two weeks of classes, however the sooner the better!
Membership Update Form (continuously as membership changes occur)
Changes in a chapter’s membership roster that occur throughout the semester should be documented using the three ways listed above changes may include, but are not limited to:

  • When an active or new member is no longer affiliated with the chapter or becomes inactive for any period of time, due to illness, academic probation, expulsion, military leave, transfer of schools, student teaching, internship, studying abroad, or any other reason.
  • When an active member graduates from Drury University.
  • When an active member becomes an alumni of the chapter.
  • When a new member joins a chapter after the formal recruitment period has concluded or has joined during open recruitment.
  • When a member, who was previously inactive, becomes active again with the chapter.
  • Any other reason that warrants a change in a chapter’s membership roster.

The chapter Secretary or President should complete one of the three ways within one week of any change in the chapter’s membership roster.

Download the Add/Delete Member Form (.docx)