Spring 2014 Graduate Online Courses

8 Week Courses('A' Block): January 21 - March 17
16 Week Courses: January 21 - May 17
8 Week Courses('B' Block): March 25 - May 17
(Note: All courses at Drury observe the same Spring Break from March 14 at 5:00pm to March 24 at 7:30am.)

Please check back for any updates or changes to this schedule. Click on the course number to see a catalog description. Courses without links indicate that the descriptions are pending.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Programs office at kelam@drury.edu or (417) 873-7530.

8 Week Courses ('A' Block): January 21 - March 17
HFA 0636 G MAIN OL 01A: Teaching and Writing (Martha Cummings)
HFA 0649 G MAIN OL 01A: Ethics in Media (Wes Leggett)
SCI 0641 G MAIN OL 01A: From Patterns to Functions (Terri Doman)

16 Week Courses: January 22 - May 17
COMM 0604 G MAIN OL 01:Seminar in Communication Ethics (Curt Gilstrap)
EDUC 0605 G MAIN OL 01: Advanced Educational Psychology and Assessment (Susan Davis)
EDUC 0606 G MAIN OL 01: Psychology of the Exceptional Child (Jane Doelling)
EDUC 0611 G MAIN OL 01: Counseling Parents of Exceptional Children (Bonnie Tabor)
EDUC 0649 G MAIN OL 01: Intro to Cross-Categorical Disability (Bonnie Tabor)
EDUC 0665 G MAIN OL 01: Improvement of Reading Instruction (Natalie Precise)
EDUC 0667 G MAIN OL 01: Analysis & Correction of Reading Difficulties (Jennifer Richardson)
EDUC 0676 G MAIN OL 01: Survey of Gifted & Talented Education (Ron Hampton)
EDUC 0689 G MAIN OL 01: Intro to Educational Research (Kris Wiley)
EDUC 0689 G MAIN OL 02: Intro to Educational Research (Gail Slye)
EDUC 0700 G MAIN OL 01: Capstone Seminar (Teresa White)
SCI 0620 G MAIN OL 01: Technology In the Classroom (Doug Greek)
SS 0601 G MAIN OL 01: Sociological Foundations of Education (Ed Williamson)

8 Week Courses (B-Block): March 24 - May 17

SCI 0623 G MAIN OL 01B: History, Security & Ethics of Technology (Asikka Cosgrove)
SCI 0625 G MAIN OL 01B: Online Pedagogy (Wes Leggett)
SCI 0643 G MAIN OL 01B : Rational Numbers (Terri Doman)
SS 0639 G MAIN OL 01B: Leadership Techniques (Teresa White)