Sorority Recruitment: Bid Reveal Ceremony

Bid Reveal Ceremony
Location: Findlay Student Center, Ballroom

Date & Time
Sunday, August 25th
5:00pm to 5:30pm

The Bid Reveal Ceremony is the first Panhellenic celebration and meeting of all New Members to their matched chapters. Recruitment Counselors lead this ceremony as one group and all PNMs become a NM at the conclusion of this event.


  • Panhellenic set up: 4:30pm
  • Ceremony: 5:00pm -5:15pm
  • All Greek photo: 5:20
  • Individual chapter celebration: 5:30pm- 9:00pm
    • All NMs must be home by 9:15pm

Ceremony:  10-15 minutes

  • Welcome from Panhellenic President: Congratulations on completing the Sorority Recruitment experience and welcome to the Bid Reveal Ceremony.  This is the final rite of passage as a Potential New Member, after you leave this ceremony, you will join your new chapter and officially become a new member of one of our wonderful Drury sorority chapters.
  • Welcome as Panhellenic members from VP Recruitment: Regardless of which chapter you join, you are now a member of the Panhellenic community—a very important distinction for us and all of your new sisters.  You will soon learn through your individual chapter that your sisters will support you, will encourage you and will push you to be your best self.  This is also true for our Panhellenic community.  Regardless of your letters, we are all stronger together and I, and my Recruitment Counselor team, am proud to now call you my Panhellenic sisters. 
  • Read & Response Panhellenic Creed: At this time, please join us in reading the Panhellenic creed.  We will do a read and response for this important creed:

    We, as Undergraduate Members of women’s sorority, stand for good scholarship | guarding of good health | for maintenance of fine standards | and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community.

    Cooperation for furthering sorority life | in harmony with its best possibilities | is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.

    We, as sorority women, stand for service through the development of character | inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life.

    The opportunity for wide and wise human service | through mutual respect and helpfulness | is the tenet by which we strive to live.


What will Happen Next: After you find out which chapter you are in you will join them outside for photos! After all the photos have been complete you will join your new chapter in a celebration at an off campus location! Don’t worry you will be home by 9:15pm if you have any homework to catch up on from this week.

Distribution of Bid Cards: Now we will distribute bid cards!  As we call your name, please stand up so we can rush this card to you.  However, you CAN’T PEEK at or OPEN your bid card until a little later so please take your card and wait until the appropriate time!  (Distribute Bid Cards now)

RC Reveal: Throughout recruitment, we’ve kept a neutral perspective to allow you to find the chapter that will best fit you.  But now we want to have a little fun by revealing the chapter that we are actually involved in! (RC Reveal as determined by RC group)

Chapter Corners Activity & Bid Card Reveal/Opening:  Each Recruitment Counselor will be stationed in a corner of the Ballroom.  Here is where we will be: ____________________.  Once you open your bid cards, please join your new chapter’s RC as one of our new sisters!  Once each new member has found her chapter and RC, we will all run out together to meet your new chapter! Open your bid cards!

PNM & Recruitment Counselor Run (order determined by RCs before the event)