Sorority Recruitment: Strict Silence

Strict Silence Operational Guide
Sunday August 25th
12:45- 5:10 pm
Must be off campus by 2:00 pm and may arrive back at 4:45 pm
Chapter members must stay in suite until 5:10 when ceremony starts (FSC Circle)

Strict Silence is the period beginning immediately after the last party of PNMs has left the suite. In this period, no conversation or contact with PNMs by current actives or alumnae is permitted. This includes all contact with PNMs, orally, written, typed, texted, or through social media. Strict Silence is designated as the period of the PNMs last preference round until she accepts her at the bid day ceremony.    

Strict Silence Immediate Contact Team
Because of the potential for immediate and important communication during the strict silence period, a few key officers and advisors should anticipate being part of the immediate contact team:

  • Recruitment Counselor: Will be contacting PNMs from Panhellenic for bid matching.
  • Junior Panhellenic Officer: Contact between Panhellenic and the chapter. (Secondary)
  • Panhellenic Advisor: Contact between the Bid Matching Team and Panhellenic Council.
  • Chapter President & Recruitment Chair: Secondary contact between Panhellenic and the chapter.
  • Chapter Alumnae Recruitment Advisor: Primary contact between the Chapter and Panhellenic Council.

Each of these contacts should keep their wireless phone on and with themselves at all times.  If they receive a call from another person on the immediate contact team, they should immediately answer their phone to communicate with the team member.

Chapter Member Requirements
All sorority members are required to leave campus during Strict Silence unless given pre-approved and written documentation by Panhellenic Council. For the duration of Strict Silence, current sorority members may have no contact with Potential Members in any way, including but not limited to verbal contact, wireless phone contact, Internet contact—including Facebook.

Chapter members are allowed to return to campus a little before the Bid Reveal ceremony begins but must stay in chapter suites until designated time when they can go to the FSC circle.

Any chapter member that chooses not to follow these guidelines may be subject to the Panhellenic Judicial process and is in violation of the recruitment policies.

Recruitment Counselor Responsibilities
Recruitment Counselors remain on campus to assist PNMs with the final selection process, assist the Bid Matching team as needed, and prepare the Team Meeting Location for the Bid Reveal Ceremony. 

After the PNM has visited her last event, the Recruitment Counselors will assist her in making her final decisions by holding a PNM group meeting.  After the group meeting has ended, the Recruitment Counselor will allow all of her team PNMs to complete Membership Acceptance Contract and assist PNMs to enter completed cards into the computer system.

  • PNM Meetings: Recruitment Counselors meet with each PNM to receive her sorority rankings and ensure that the PNM is confident in her decision.
  • Address Questions & Concerns: Recruitment Counselors also answer any PNM questions or respond to any concerns.
  • Official Selection Assistance: Recruitment Counselors accurately enter the PNM’s choices into the computer program and comply with all Recruitment Guidelines and Policies.

Once the Recruitment Counselor’s PNMs have completed their Membership Acceptance Contracts, the Recruitment Counselor team will prepare the room for the Bid Reveal Ceremony. 
Recruitment Counselors may also be required to assist the Bid Matching team by contacting PNMs for Snap Bid decisions.  The Panhellenic Advisor will call Recruitment Counselors and provide them with the PNM and Snap Bid information if their involvement is required for Snap Bids.

Junior Panhellenic Responsibilities
Junior Panhellenic officers are not required to leave campus, but participate in chapter member strict silence for the majority of the required period.

Chapter Alumnae Responsibilities
Chapter alumnae are not required to leave campus during strict silence, but may continue to remain in the suite and prepare chapter items for the Bid Day celebration. 

Chapter alumnae, however, are also required to have no contact with PNMs during strict silence.