Sorority Recruitment: Bid Matching

Bid Matching
Location:  Student Actvites Office (FSC 124)

Date & Time
Sunday, August 25th
2:00pm- 5:00pm

Bid Matching is the process of matching PNMs with a chapter. This is done by matching the PNMs Membership Acceptance Contract (Prefs) with a chapter’s bid list.

Bid Matching Supply List:

  • Laptop with Internet
  • ICS access information
  • SLR Handbook
  • Phone
  • Writing Utensil
  • Contact forms from all teams
  • Daily attendance sheets
  • PNMs membership acceptance contracts
  • One representative from each Drury University chapter. 

During the Bid Matching process, it is essential that key NPC specialists; council and chapter representatives are present to ensure accuracy and equality during the bid matching process.

  • NPC RFM:  The NPC RFM specialist provides guidance and support to uphold National Panhellenic standards.
  • Panhellenic Advisor:  The Panhellenic Advisor processes bid matching and determines final placement of recruits and quota numbers for chapters.
  • Panhellenic Bid Team: The Panhellenic Bid Team members are current faculty or staff representing each active chapter.  The team assists the Panhellenic Advisor to determine the final quota number in the best interests of the recruits, the university and active chapters.
  • Chapter Alumna:  Each chapter is entitled to and expected to have one or more alumna representatives to handle their chapter’s bid lists.
  • Recruitment Counselors: Undergraduate members never participate in the Bid Matching Process.  Recruitment Counselors are not present during Bid Matching or Quota addition, but participate in Snap Bid recruit communication.

Bid Matching Process
The Bid Matching process is conducted once all PNMs have submitted completed Membership Acceptance Contracts and the all chapters have submitted a completed final bid list.  Confidentiality is required throughout the entire process.

  1. Verify Recruit Selections: Recruit selections are submitted to the Recruitment Counselor, verified for completion and accuracy and entered into the computer.  This process may be completed as PNMs are making their final selections and before chapter selections have all been submitted.  The Panhellenic Advisor should ensure that every PNM has selections completed, if any PNM selections are missing, the Recruitment Counselor should contact the PNM, if the reason for non-completion is unknown.

  2. Verify Chapter Selections: Chapter selections are submitted via computer and verified once a chapter has entered it’s final bid list.   This process may be simultaneously completed as PNMs are making their final selections.  Traditionally, chapters will make final selections after PNMs have finished making their final selections.  All chapters are required to have final selections completed before bid lists are due.  The Panhellenic Advisor should ensure that every chapter has selections completed, if any chapter selections are missing, the Panhellenic Advisor should contact the Alum member in charge of bid lists, if the reason for non-completion is unknown.

  3. Bid Matching: After PNM and chapter selections are finalized and saved, the computer processes bid matching by running quota within the quota range (4-number spread).  The “quota range low end” is same as the number of a chapter’s “A” bid list.  The “quota range high end” is set initially, but can be adjusted to place more PNMs into chapters to maximize initial PNM placement.  Multiple “run quota” number options are selected to find the right balance for recruit placement.  The final quota number is selected based on the balance of matching the most recruits and parity between chapters.  This process should be completed immediately after the bid list due time to ensure enough time to complete remaining steps. The NPC RFM specialist will want to confirm final results with the Panhellenic Advisor, but “run quota” numbers may be pre-run to allow the Panhellenic Bid Team to determine what they feel is the best quota option for the PNMS and chapters.  The Panhellenic Advisor should ensure that the Panhellenic Bid Team is in agreement for the final quota number.

  4. Quota Additions: Quota additions are placed into chapters after the initial bid matching process has been completed.  Quota additions are recruits that weren’t placed into chapters because of unavailable quota space.  This process should be completed immediately after the final quota number has been selected.  The Panhellenic Advisor should ensure that, if it’s a possibility, all unmatched PNMs have the opportunity to be placed into a chapter.

  5. Snap Bidding:  Chapters with quota vacancies may review the Sorority Recruitment Attendance Form (& Snap Bid Eligibility) for recruits available for Snap Bidding.  This process should be completed immediately after all quota additions have been added to chapters.  Any woman that still remains on the quota addition list and any woman that is listed on the Sorority Recruitment Attendance Form (& Snap Bid Eligibility) is eligible for Snap Bidding.  The Recruitment counselors may be present in the Bid Matching location for this step, if needed; they should be contacted after chapters have made their final decisions as to which PNMs the chapter would like to offer invitations to.  The Panhellenic Advisor should ensure that, if it’s a possibility, all available and interested PNMs have the opportunity to be placed into a chapter.

  6. Post New Member List: New member lists are posted to chapters after snap bidding has concluded.

Additional Information:

Quota Additions:
NPC recommends that bids be matched to Quota only.  NPC recognizes that unique campus conditions may indicate that some women whose bids fail to match in the normal Bid Matching process may be placed even if this puts a chapter over Quota. 

NPC recommends that Quota additions shall be placed by the NPC RFM specialist in collaboration with the Panhellenic Advisor in a manner that is optimal for the system, PNMs and the situation event if such placement exceeds Quota by more than 5%.

PNMs are ineligible for Quota additions if the PNM only lists one chapter on her Membership Acceptance Contract of the two preference events that she attended.

Quota additions shall be distributed with these considerations:

  • PNMs first choice
  • Even distribution of PNMs
  • PNMs position on the chapter bid list
  • Chapters with smaller membership
  • Chapters with lower relative recruiting strength

Quota Additions: Drury University Standards
The Drury standard for quota additions is to place all eligible women into a sorority chapter regardless of the number of Quota additions that may be added to a single chapter.

Snap Bid Eligibility:
Chapters are eligible for Snap Bidding if they have quota vacancies.  The Snap Bid process is a means to fill quota spaces, not spaces in total. Snap Bidding begins immediately after Bid Matching and concludes with the distribution of bids, at which time Continuous Open Bidding may begin.

PNMs are eligible for Snap Bidding if they have attended least one round of recruitment or if their preferences did not match the chapter’s bid list, the Recruitment Counselors or Panhellenic Advisor may contact the woman and ask if she will accept a bid from the chapter not previously listed among her choices. 

  • A PNM accepting a Snap Bid must complete a Membership Acceptance Contract to pledge to the chapter. 
  • A PNM is eligible for snap bidding if she listed an intentional single preference on her Membership Acceptance Contract.
  • A PNM may be offered more than one Snap Bid at a time (for this reason, the Panhellenic Advisor or the Recruitment Counselor should be the person to contact the PNM).
  • The Panhellenic Recruitment Chair monitors who has accepted Snap Bids and presents the Membership Acceptance Contract for the PNM to sign.

Snap Bid Eligibility: Drury Standards
The Drury standard for snap bidding is to place all eligible PNMs into a sorority chapter to enable the chapter to reach quota.  PNMs are encouraged to write all chapters that they’re interested in joining on their Membership Acceptance Contract so that the Bid Matching team knows PNM selections in advance and only needs for chapters to discuss interest of placing the PNM within their chapter (this significantly streamlines and speeds up our Snap Bid process).

The Panhellenic Advisor provides chapters a list of eligible women for Snap Bidding based on the Attendance Form (& Snap Bid Availability).  Chapters select PNMs that they’re interested in offering invitations to from names provided on the list.  Multiple chapters may be interested in offering a Snap Bid to the same PNM, which is acceptable; the PNM makes the final decision.  All chapters decide their full Snap Bid interest list before Recruitment Counselors make calls to PNMs.

Because of the relationship formed with PNMs, Recruitment Counselors will contact each PNM from their team that is offered a Snap Bid (if the chapter is not previously listed on the PNM bid card) to invite her to join the chapters offering the snap bid invitation.  To make contact with the PNM, recruitment counselors will use the Contact Form: PNM Information.

  • Suggested Word Tract:  “Hi, (PNM name), this is (Recruitment Counselor Name) from Panhellenic Council, I wanted to let you know that the (chapter name) is interested in inviting you to join their chapter and would like you to attend and participate in the Bid Day celebration events that begin shortly.  Would you like to become a member of the (chapter name)?
    • If they say yes:  “Great!  I need to meet with you immediately to have you sign a Membership Acceptance Contract; can you meet me in the Hoblit suite right now?  You’ll also be attending the Bid Day celebration this evening and for that event, you’ll want to wear cool, casual clothes.  See you in a few minutes and congratulations!”
    • If they say no:  “Are you sure?  Do you mind if I ask why? (try to convince them, but use judgment based on reason of if they’d be able to realistically accept membership)  Thanks for your consideration; if you change your mind, we may still have chapters that have open spaces after Sorority Recruitment has officially ended.  Just let me know and we’ll see what availability chapters have.”
    • If they say they need time to decide: “Sure, I understand that it can take time to think things over and this is certainly a big decision.  We are on a tight schedule to because our events begin shortly.  Can I call you back in about 10 minutes?  I really hope that you choose to join this chapter; I think you’d really enjoy it.  I’ll talk to you soon.”

Unfilled Quotas
If a chapter has not filled its Quota through the Bid Matching process during Sorority Life Recruitment, the chapter may extend a bid to anyone not originally on its bid list.  The chapter may also choose to begin Continuous Open Bidding after Bid Day has concluded.

After this process has been completed, the Bid Matching Process has ended.  The Recruitment Counselors are able to finalize preparations for the Bid Reveal Ceremony, if needed.

Unmatched PNMs
After the Bid Matching process has been completed, there may be a few PNMs that were not placed in chapters.  The Panhellenic Advisor will need to contact each of these women and inform them that they have not been placed in a sorority chapter at this time.  PNMs should be contacted immediately after their status is known, a minimum of one hour before the Bid Reveal Ceremony begins.

  • SUGGESTED WORD TRACT: “Hi, (PNM name), this is (Panhellenic Advisor Name) from Panhellenic Council, I wanted to let you know that unfortunately you were not placed in a Sorority chapter at this time and will not need to attend any of the Bid Day activities.  I apologize for any inconvenience and if you’d like help getting involved any other groups on campus or would like to speak with me individually, please let me know.  Thank you.”

Bid Cards
After the final bid list has been posted to chapters, chapter Alumnae make NM bid cards for the NM Bid Reveal Ceremony.  These cards have the New Member name on the envelope, but do not list the chapter name on the envelope.  Once these are completed they are provided to the Panhellenic Advisor or the Recruitment Counselors.  The finished cards are then delivered to the NM Bid Reveal Ceremony location and distributed to each New Member during the ceremony.