Sorority Recruitment: Philanthropy Event

Philanthropy Event (NPC requirements underlined)
Location: Panhellenic Building, begin in Hoblit Suite
Fourth official event of formal recruitment-Required for PNMs

Date & Time
Saturday, August 24th
12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Sorority Recruitment Philanthropy event is a chance for PNMs to understand the significance of up to three different chapter’s philanthropy. This is a chance for chapter’s to show PNMs how they participate in community service and unique activities.  


  • Panhellenic meeting and set-up: 11:15 am
  • Suite safety checks and time check meeting: 12:00 pm
  • Rounds (3): 45 minutes, 15 minute breaks
    • Team meeting: 12:30-12:50 pm
    • Round 1: 1:05-1:50 pm
    • Round 2: 2:05- 2:50 pm
    • Round 3: 3:05- 3:50 pm
    • Team meeting and selection: 3:50- 4:20 pm
  • Keep List Due 8:00 am on Sunday 8/25
  • Keep List Posted 10:00 am on Sunday 8/25

Suite Visits

3 Rounds

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Tri-Delta Suite

RC 2

RC 3

RC 4

Kappa Delta Suite

RC 1

RC 4

RC 3

Pi Beta Phi Suite

RC 4

RC 1

RC 2

Zeta Tau Alpha Suite

RC 3

RC 2

RC 1

Recruitment Counselors Suggested Conversation:

Start Meeting begin at 12:30 pm 15-20 minutes

  • Group Introductions: “Welcome back to Sorority Recruitment and our Late Show Events!”
    • Review name and one new fact about everyone; introduce anyone who is new to the team.
  • How Sororities Determine invitation list: Describe release figures methods: Chapters choose to invite potential new members that they believe will be the best fit for their chapter back to their suite the following night or recruitment. In the end you can only join one chapter and in the end each chapter only accepts ¼ of the PNMs—we try to help make the process as easy and fair as possible by doing our best to place all new members into a chapter. Remember that making personal connections with sorority members is a great way to enhance your recruitment process and helps you find the chapter that is right for you.
  • Decision making and keeping all options open: “It is okay if a chapter does not invite you back to their suite the following night of recruitment. It is important to keep all options open, because the chapters that did offer you an invitation back did so because they are very interested in having you join their chapter. You will find that many girls end up joining the chapter that best fits them and makes them the happiest.”
  • Quota: “Panhellenic Council strives for equality amongst all sorority chapters. Equality is established by making sure that all sorority chapters take approximately the same number of new members after fall recruitment. 
  • PNM Event Attendance: We discussed yesterday how important it is that you attend as many nights of recruitment as possible, but I want to emphasis how important attendance is. You may notice that some events have more attendees than other events today.  This is not a reflection of any chapter, in fact, the size of the events have more to do with Panhellenic scheduling.  You’ll notice that today and tomorrow your first events will be larger than your final events.
  • What we’re doing for this event:  “Tonight is another opportunity to visit each Sorority chapter and meet chapter members.  For Philanthropy events, each chapter will showcase their significant community service and philanthropy work through group participation and individual activities. You will visit one, two or three suites for 45 minutes and meet many of the chapter members that you’ve met already, plus some new friends.  My fellow Recruitment Counselors and I will be guiding you through the entire evening.  After you visit the final suite, I’ll lead you back to the Hoblit suite for our closing team meeting and selection time.”
    • “Please leave personal items here in the Suite like your cellphone and purse. A Panhellenic Advisor will be in here the whole time watching over your things. If you have a personal reason why your stuff must be left on you, you may talk to me separately.”
  • Distribute Individual Schedules now
  • Line up PNMs Alphabetically by LAST name
  • Lead Group to Suite
  • Arrive to Suite 5 minutes before round end time to pick up group
  • Repeat process for each Suite visit
  • PNM Completed all visits: Stay in Hoblit Suite with Panhellenic Advisor until RC returns

 Meeting & Reminders: 10-15 minutes

  • Evening Review:  “Well I thought that was fun, did everyone have a good time tonight?  Great!  We wanted to make sure that each of you had a chance to get to know other new students, current sorority women and that we had a chance to give you important information about your drury recruitment experience.”
  • Bid Matching: “The process completed after all Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreements have been completed. The ICS computer program matches your choices with those of the sororities. Through this process Panhellenic will make every effort to place you in a chapter according to your list.”
  • Snap Bidding: “After bid matching is complete but before the bid day event celebration, some chapters still have open spaces to fill. During this time recruitment counselors are able to extend bids to those individuals who were not bid matched originally during the bid matching process.”
  • COB: “Continuous Open Bidding takes place after the Bid Day Event Celebration. If a chapter still has open spaces to fill, they are allowed to offer a bid to those individuals who did not get bid matched to another chapter. It is important to remember that Continuous Open Biding is not guaranteed and that a potential new member should not rely on continuously open biding to take place.”
  • Limitations of Intentional Single Preference: “Indicating an intentional single preference on your daily selection card is not recommended. You may only join those chapters that are listed on your daily selection card on the last day of recruitment. If you indicate only one intentional single preference on your daily selection card, you limit your changes of joining a sorority chapter significantly.”
  • Questions: “We’ve gone over a lot of information tonight and I’m sure that you’ve got questions or need more information.  Lets take a few minutes to review: what questions do you have?”
  • What to wear: “Suggested attire for tomorrow is nice, casual clothes.  Here is what I will probably wear: ___________”
  • Absences:  “If you will be absent from part or all of an recruitment event and you haven’t spoken with me about this yet, please remain for a few minutes after this meeting.  I need to make sure that I have your information in my records and we’ll make sure we get your selections taken care of as needed.”
  • Individual meetings: “If you need to speak with me privately about anything, please remain for a few minutes after this meeting.  I’d be happy to assist you.” Stress your availability
  • PNM Contact Sheet:If you haven’t listed your information on the contact sheet that (Junior Panhell name) has, please do so now.  We need to make sure we have this important information from you.”
  • PNM Name Tags: “You don’t have to keep your name tags, I will give you new ones at tomorrow’s event.

Next Event Schedule Review: Preference Day & Bid Day Events

  • What to expect: “Tomorrow is Preference Day and provides you with a final opportunity to discover which chapter you feel will be the best match for your college experience and beyond. You will visit one or two suites for one hour and meet many of the chapter members that you’ve met this evening.  My fellow recruitment counselors and I will be guiding you through the entire evening.”
  • Meeting & Schedule: “Please be on time tomorrow night.  Our opening team meeting begins at 8:00pm.  During our meeting, we’ll review our event visit schedule for the sorority suites.  I want to make sure you know where you’re going and when.”
  • Location: Our team will be meeting in the Hoblit Suite.
  • Selection & Special Notes: “Events begin just after our Team Meeting, with a short intermission between the first and second.  After you’ve visited your last suite for the day, you’ll make your final selection through group and individual meetings. You may list ANY of the chapters that you’ve visited during your entire recruitment experience on your bid card.  But remember, you’ll only want to list the chapters that you’re interested in joining on this card.”
  • Bid Day: “You’ll also want to remember that tomorrow evening at 6:30pm, you’ll need to meet me in the this room for the final special event, Bid Day.  I’ll go into more details tomorrow afternoon.”


Philanthropy Selection for Preference Event Visits  (pass out cards now)

  • Daily Selection Card Explanation: “Each of you should have your daily selection card.  Let’s go over what to do for your selections tonight.  Tonight you have visited one, two or three chapters and you’ll need to continue to narrow your choices.  For tonight’s selection: You’ll choose only from the chapters that you’ve visited tonight.  You’ll list one or two ‘yes’ chapters and if available, you’ll list the third as the ‘alternate’ chapter.  Tonight is the first opportunity to really consider which chapters you’ll feel most comfortable as a member, please only list chapters that you’re interested in joining. After you’ve completed your daily selection card, you’ll meet with me individually and I’ll enter your information into the computer.  Once we’ve done this you’ll be finished for the evening.”
  • Mutual Selection Reminder: “Mutual selection is the process used to help match you to the right sorority for you.  As you are narrowing down the chapters in which you are most interested, the chapters are also narrowing down the women about whom they are most interested in getting to know more. Through the Recruitment process, it is important to keep an open mind as to what chapter you want to join. After tonight’s event, you will select from the chapters you visited. Each sorority can invite only a certain number of women back to the next stage. A computer program matches your choices with those of the sororities. Through this process Panhellenic will make every effort to place you in a chapter according to your list.”
  • Event Invitation Pick-Up:Tomorrow during our beginning team meeting I will tell each of you which suites you will be visiting and what times you will be visiting them.”


“I’m going to give you a few minutes of silence to fill out your cards, after that time, I’ll begin entering each persons information into the computer. Please take all the time you need to make your decisions, I’m happy to stay here as long as you’re here.”

RC Enters Daily Selection Cards Now

  • Personal closing for each woman: “Thanks for participating in our Philanthropy Events; I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for the Preference Event!  Get plenty of rest and I’ll see you tomorrow at 12:30 pm.”

Situational Conversation Suggestions:
Intentional Single Preferences:
NPC discourages PNMs from making intentional single preferences on their daily selection cards (formerly known as suicide selections).  This significantly limits their options for sorority membership and may also remove them from the Sorority recruitment process if their selection does not match the chapter selection.  However, NPC also discourages forcing PNMs to list chapters that they have no interest in joining.

If a PNM chooses to make an intentional single preference, the Recruitment Counselor should remind them of the potential outcome of their choice, encourage them to make additional selections, but allow the PNM to make the decision that is in her best interests:
Suggested Working: “I noticed that you have only listed one chapter on your selection card.  Are you sure this is what you want to do?  Just to let you know, if for some reason the chapter you listed does not list you on their invitation list, you will be released from recruitment.  This means that I would be contacting you to inform you that your recruitment experience has ended.  However, you would still be eligible to join a sorority chapter at a later time, if the chapter has openings.  If you’d like to make any changes to your card, you may do so, but please only list chapters that you are interested in joining.”

Unmatched PNMs:
After the Daily Selection Matching process has been completed, there may be a few PNMs that were not placed in chapters.  The Recruitment Counselor will need to contact each of these women and inform the PNM of their status.  PNMs should be contacted immediately after their status is known, a minimum of two hours before the events begin.
Suggested Wording: “Hi, (PNM name), this is (Recruitment Counselor Name) from Panhellenic Council, I wanted to let you know that unfortunately your selections did not match the chapter selections at this time and your will not need to attend any remaining Sorority Recruitment events.  However, you are still eligible to join a sorority chapter at a later time, if you choose to do so.  I apologize for any inconvenience and if you’d like help getting involved any other groups on campus or would like to speak with me individually, please let me know.  Thank you.”

Event Operations:  

  • Chapters will provide beverages but not food. Panhellenic will provide light beverages and refreshments in the Hoblit Suite.
  • It is recommended that PNMs wear comfortable, nice clothes to attend this event. Recruitment counselors should go over what to wear with PNM’s the night before each event.
  • Recruitment Counselors should bring:
    • SLR Handbook
    • Laptop with internet access
    • Cell phone
    • Contact Form
    • Daily Attendance Sheet
    • ICS daily visit schedules by PNM (team only)
    • ICE daily visit schedules by chapter (RC chapter visits only)

 General Supply list:

  • Tablecloths
  • XL fancy beverage dispensers (for water and lemonade)
  • XL non-fancy beverage dispensers (under table for backups)
  • Disposable cups
  • Disposable plates
  • Ice
  • Serving trays
  • Utensils
  • Food and lemonade mix
  • Check-in station supplies:
    • PNM name tags
    • Daily visit schedules by PNM (team format)