Panhellenic Recruitment Team

Panhellenic Recruitment Team
The Panhellenic Recruitment Team is an essential part of the success of Sorority Life Recruitment.  PRT members are an extension of Panhellenic council responsible for supporting Drury University Sorority Life, encouraging new and current students to participate in recruitment and promote opportunities to join Drury University Sorority Life. 

PRT members are chosen because of their understanding of the global perspective of Sorority Life, their support of all Drury Sororities and their willingness to assist Panhellenic council by knowing and upholding the standards of Sorority Life Recruitment.

PRT members need to be available for select orientation and Drury events to meet PNMs, get to know them, introduce them to friends and encourage them to participate in Sorority Life Recruitment.

PRT Responsibilities
The Panhellenic Recruitment Team assists Panhellenic Council Officers during FYE Registration Day, Orientation and until the official start of Sorority Recruitment. 

  • Attend select orientation events
  • Meet PNMs (both new & current students)
  • Invite PNMs to Drury activities
  • Monitor current sorority member behavior
  • Report violations to chapter president

PRT Selection
The Chapter Recruitment Chair selects Panhellenic Recruitment team members from their sorority.  All PRT members must be in good standing with the chapter and must work with the other chapter members to promote sisterhood at every activity.  These individuals should have a positive attitude and be mentors to potential PNMs who have any questions pertaining to rush.

PRT Training
The Panhellenic Recruitment team is required to participate in the Panhellenic Council PRT training workshop to prepare them for commonly asked questions, rules and regulations, and how to handle situations that may arise relating to Sorority Recruitment.

All PRT members are required to know, understand and uphold all rules, policies and guidelines relating to the Sorority Life community.  It is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to say that they didn’t know the rules.  It is each members and alumnae’s responsibility to know and uphold all rules relating to Sorority Life Recruitment (NPC Unanimous Agreement). 

Considerations for Meeting PNMs

  • PNMs are more nervous than current Sorority members and they want to make a good impression with everyone.
  • It’s not the PNMs responsibility to know and uphold the rules that govern Sorority Life, it is sorority members responsibility.
  • Current Sorority members have the upper hand of knowing Drury and having college friends, take the initiative to meet PNMs and make friends with them; they won’t forget your efforts.
  • What current Sorority members do or say now to a PNM may influence their decision later (ie. if they meet a jerk, they might not choose to join that chapter because of the jerk).
  • It is better for current Sorority members to put themselves out there to ensure PNM comfort, than to do nothing and assume a situation will take care of itself.

PRT On-Duty
Panhellenic Recruitment Team members will spend time during orientation and the first few days of class on-duty.  During on-duty periods, the primary responsibility is to uphold the PRT code of ethics and the Sorority Life Recruitment Policies.  However, PRT members will also recruit PNMs to participate Sorority Life Recruitment.  PRT members may be asked to be on-duty in a specific location or for a certain period of time.

  • Alcohol: On-duty PRT members are not allowed to consume alcohol.  Off-duty PRT members need to keep their consumption to a reasonable level.  Remember, PNMs are watching everything that Sorority women are doing.
  • Attire: While PRT members are on-duty, they will be required to Panhellenic approved attire.  This will help signify to others that they are on-duty.  PRT members working at the SLR information table may wear the clothes listed on the PRT sign-up schedule.
  • Recruitment Counselors: On-duty PRT members may speak with Recruitment Counselors and they may speak with on-duty PRT members.  PRT members should practice caution when speaking with a Recruitment Counselor from the same chapter, consider bringing a friend from another chapter during this conversation.

PRT Relationship with PNMs
Panhellenic Recruitment Team was formed to strengthen the Sorority Life recruiting force.  It is very important that PRT members maintain a focus of meeting new students, taking the initiative to speak with them and learn about them. 

PRT Chapter Matches
Traditionally, each PRT member is matched with a PRT member from another sorority for on-duty periods.  Matches may change, but to ensure parity between all chapters, it is essential that matches remain together during the entire on-duty period.

PRT Addressing Member Issues
PRT members may witness issues involving chapter members.  If the situation allows, please immediately try to resolve the issue to benefit the PNM.  If the situation is too big to handle at that moment, contact your chapter president for advice.

  • Situation 1: PNM is being hot-boxed by 7 sorority members.  What you should do:  Walk over to the sorority members and say, “Hi Ladies, Hey (Name of 2-3 members) can I talk to you over here?”  When the members move away from the PNM, state, “I’m worried that there are too many of you around this PNM and she might begin to feel overwhelmed.  Don’t worry you’ll have your chance to speak with her soon.”  What not to do: Yes, you could simply snap your ‘evidence’ picture and submit it to your president for a violation, but would that really help the PNM in this situation?
  • Situation 2: Sorority Members help one PNM move in and stay in her room for an hour talking.  What you should do: Find the Junior Panhellenic officer in charge of the building and with her, approach the sorority members and say, “Hi Ladies, Hey (Name of the members) can we talk to you for a minute?”  When the members leave the PNMs room, remind them that there are many women that need assistance moving in and they are essential parts of the moving-in team.  Let them know that they can meet up with this woman later at a campus event, in the Commons or the CX.  What not to do: Yes, you could angry-pace in front of their room and submit this to your president for a potential violation, but does this really fix the situation?

PRT Reporting Violations Process
In the spirit of Panhellenic Council, all Sorority members should respect and uphold all of the rules and policies governing Sorority Life Recruitment.  It is understood that this is not always the case.  If you witness a situation that needs to be addressed through the Panhellenic Council Judicial Process, here is what to do:

  • Ask yourself, am I able to step in and resolve or assist this situation? (if a PNM is involved)
  • Document specifics relating to the incident: who was involved, where did it happen, what was the situation, what rule was violated
  • Contact your chapter president and report the incident
  • Be prepared to be a witness in the Panhellenic Judicial Process relating to this incident

Members will be held accountable for their actions and they need to understand that their negative actions undermine all Drury University Sorority Life chapters.  Panhellenic will address and work through all judicial cases as submitted, in a timely fashion.

As Panhellenic Council Representatives serving on the Panhellenic Recruitment Team, it is imperative to try to impartially resolve issues to service the Potential New Members.  If a situation can be stopped before it starts, please work to do so.  If support is needed to immediately resolve an issue, PRT members should work with their chapter match, the chapter president or a member of Panhellenic Council. 

As a PRT member, the top priority is maintaining a safe, comfortable environment that allows PNMs the opportunity to learn about Sorority Life and build excitement relating to Sorority Life recruitment and joining a Sorority chapter.