VidCon 2013

A Conference & Competition for High School Video Producers and Teachers!

The fourth annual DUTV Video Conference is back this fall, and we hope you will make plans to attend.

Presented by Drury University in Springfield, MO, this event is designed to bring together students and teachers from the Midwest and Southwest for a regional conference.

All broadcasters and video producers improve with practice and guidance. This two-day competition and instructional event is designed to help students and teachers improve skills individually and as a team. Professional video producers will be on hand to critique students' work and lead workshops on common production issues.

Drury University is the site of the conference. Official conference will open soon and close Wednesday, October 9 at 11:59 p.m.

  • Conference registration fee is $25 for students and teachers.
  • Contest entry fee is $5 per entry and not $5 per student.
  • All registered participants will be treated to a FREE T-Shirt and dinner at the Awards Banquet.


Brian Shipman, Conference Host
Briana Hopkins, Conference Chair
Jared Hall, Registrar