Sorority Life Recruitment Policies

All recruitment programs are planned to provide opportunities for the greatest number of women to become part of the Sorority Life experience while protecting the rights and privileges of individuals.  The Sorority Life Recruitment Policies were developed to ensure a safe, positive experience for all Potential New Members and current Sorority members.
Recruitment Standards

  • All Drury University policies, Greek Life policies, applicable laws, National Headquarters guidelines—including NPC Unanimous Agreements—shall be upheld.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages during Sorority Life recruitment and within 24 hours of the acceptance of bids is prohibited.
  • The participation of men in recruitment functions is prohibited.
  • All members (including alumnae, initiated members, and new members) are responsible for understanding and observing the recruitment rules.
  • Any violation of the Sorority Life Recruitment Policies will result in judicial action by the Panhellenic Council Judicial Board. Based on the nature of the incident, the violation may result in notification of the National Office and/or an infraction.
  • Recruitment Standards Handbook

Recruitment Training & Information

  • There will be a mandatory workshop prior to recruitment.  The Panhellenic Council will present important recruitment information, including but not limited to: Formal Recruitment rules, safety procedures and best practices for a successful recruitment.  All current Sorority women (new and initiated, excluding study abroad during their study abroad time period) must attend these workshops and sign a Membership Expectation Contract in order to be eligible for participation in Formal Recruitment.
  • Each chapter shall submit a list of current members to the Panhellenic Advisor by the first day of fall recruitment workshop.

Fully Structured Recruitment

  • All chapters will follow the formal recruitment schedule set, organized and executed by Panhellenic Council. 
  • Panhellenic Council follows the NPC Fully Structured Recruitment style with the following guidelines:
  • Events should reflect values-based themes and reflect a lifelong fraternal experience.
  • Recruitment Counselors will inspect each sorority suite before the start of every Formal Recruitment day. 
  • There will be no releasing on the first formal day of recruitment.
  • NPC Release Figures Method must be used. 
  • Panhellenic Council will determine the Quota Range for each day of Formal Recruitment.
  • Bid matching is always conducted.  The preferential bidding system is used and a Sorority Life Membership Acceptance Contrac (SL-MAC) is always signed.
  • Snap Bidding is available for chapters who do not reach quota and is limited to chapters who participated in Sorority Life Recruitment. 
  • Chapters have the right to Continuous Open Bid to reach Quota or Total during the academic year.
  • All recruitment events shall be held in an area designated by Panhellenic Council (traditionally the chapter suites).
  • Only national chapter representatives, alumnae, new members, and initiated members of the fraternity may assist the chapter with recruitment during Sorority Life Recruitment unless approved by Panhellenic Council.
  • After the first set of invitational rounds, Panhellenic strongly urges each chapter to re-invite only those potential members whom they are seriously considering for membership.
  • Panhellenic requires each chapter to invite only those potential members they will place on their bid list to the preference party.
  • Collegiate chapter members will leave campus during the period of Strict Silence.  Strict Silence is the period in which there will be no conversation or contact with potential members by fraternity members, new members, and alumnae.  This includes all reference to fraternity – oral, written, printed or typed.  Strict Silence is designated as the period of time from the end of the potential member’s last Preference round until she reports to the sorority from which she accepts a bid. 
  • Panhellenic Council will handle all Sorority promotion for recruitment-related activities.  Chapters are not allowed to promote their individual chapters through merchandise (such as banners and/or t-shirts worn by males).
  • Chalking is not allowed for recruitment related promotion.  This includes, but is not limited to pre-recruitment, during recruitment, bid day and/or new member chalking.
  • Chapter members may display signs and or paint the windows of their residence with their chapter letters, ‘Go Greek’, chapter symbols and “I love (chapter name here).”  Chapter members may also decorate their personal vehicles with these items.  Chapter members are not allowed to say “rush our chapter”, “choose our chapter”, “our chapter is the best” or any similar statements in these locations (or anywhere).  Chapter members are highly encouraged to write supportive statements about Drury Greek Life and Drury Sorority Life.
  • Chapter members may not decorate Fraternity Houses, male residence locations vehicles of male students.
  • Chapters and chapter members may not encourage or provide any outside groups with chapter-related promotional materials (ie. banners for fraternity houses, t-shirts for male friends).

Pre-Recruitment Schedule

  • During the summer, a sorority may not issue a bid or formally pledge a woman into their chapter.
  • During the summer, alumnae and/or members shall only use the suite for recruiting purposes if it is used for Panhellenic recruiting purposes and approved by Panhellenic council.
  • During the summer, chapter members may host or sponsor functions for the purpose of recruitment as a Panhellenic community, as long as long as four chapters are represented.
  • Chapter members should contact the Alumnae Panhellenic in their area to organize membership recruitment information events for potential students at a jointly agreed upon location.  .

Recruitment Finances

  • A Formal Recruitment budget will be established by Panhellenic for Recruitment purposes.  Panhellenic strongly recommends that each chapter use good judgment, discretion, common sense and maturity in planning and maintaining a realistic and sound financial budget for Sorority Life Recruitment within the budget cap.  To maintain a balanced and fair budget between the sororities during Formal Recruitment:
  • Panhellenic regulates that no more than $800 per sorority to be spent on supplies and activities.  Of the $1000 allowed, each sorority chapter will pay a $100 ICS usage fee to Panhellenic council by the first day of recruitment workshop.
  • Supplies purchased for Team Night are part of the Recruitment Budget and should be listed on the budget worksheet.
  • Clothing purchases must be listed on the budget worksheet if 10 or more members have purchased the items for or are wearing the items during formal recruitment.
  • Each chapter will provide a complete and accurate budget worksheet, including copies of receipts, to the Panhellenic Council.
  • Budget Worksheets Fine: $4 per minute for late, missing worksheets.  $2 per day until complete information is submitted.
  • Hot Box Fine: $10 per member per chapter in violation.  Picture documentation is required for sorority members.
  • Keep List & Bid List Fine: Each chapter shall submit daily selection lists and final bid lists to Panhellenic by the recommended time.  Chapters will be charged $8 per minute for late submissions; charges will be assessed in 15-minute increments, regardless of time submitted during the allotment.

Current Sorority Members

  • Membership in Drury University Sorority Life is a privilege.  Drury University Sorority chapters select each member for her character, interests, talents, activities, honors and scholarship.  Privileges and responsibilities go hand-in-hand.  To enjoy the privileges of being a Drury University Sorority Life, members and new members must accept the responsibilities of membership and act in accordance with Panhellenic Council, NPC and Drury University Policies.
  • Sorority women are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions; each year members are required to sign and uphold the Panhellenic Council Expectations and Obligations contract to remain in good standing with the Panhellenic Council community.
  • Sorority chapters are expected to take responsibility for their members’ actions. Regardless of the individual’s intent, their actions reflect on the chapter and the entire Sorority Life community.
  • Sorority women and chapters should bring all questions, concerns and ideas to Panhellenic council.  Panhellenic council will decide the appropriate actions to be taken; based on what is most beneficial for the Sorority Life community.
  • Sorority women and chapters are prohibited from using retaliation as a form of restitution.
  • Sorority women should not mention any chapter in a comparative or derogatory manner.
  • There will be no promising of bids directly or indirectly by any member, new member or alumna of a chapter.
  • Sorority women may not participate in or attend registration and orientation events unless the Panhellenic Council has granted specific consideration and guidelines.
  • It is essential to inform potential members and their families of the benefits of sorority membership during both their college and post-college years.  Panhellenic Council and Alumnae Panhellenic Council shall promote and encourage personal and informative Panhellenic-spirited contact with potential members at all times.
  • Sorority women are encouraged at all times to wear identifying insignia and badges, especially during recruitment periods.
  • Sorority women may invite potential members to meals in the commons and CX or any events on campus.
  • Sorority members may not invite potential members to off-campus activities or events, unless given specific written permission by Panhellenic council and two or more chapters are represented.
  • Chapter members are not allowed to visit any PNMs residence.  If an active member lives in a residence hall, however, they current member may stop by a PNMs room if she is alone and the door is left open for the entirety of the visit.
  • Sorority women are encouraged to meet and speak with potential members at every opportunity.  To assist potential members comfort level, no more than 3 members of one sorority may speak with one potential member at a time and no more than 6 members of any sorority may speak with one potential member at any time.
  • Chapter members should never provide a potential member with prohibited items including, but not limited to, drugs and alcohol

Potential Members

  • A woman is eligible to participate in Sorority Life Recruitment if she is a Drury University student in good standing with Drury University.
  • A potential member is defined as any woman who is not currently a sorority member (initiated or new) on Drury’s campus and has not been initiated into any other NPC group.  A potential member shall not be, or ever have been, an initiated member of a NPC group.
  • A woman is ineligible for Sorority Life Recruitment if she has been a pledge of an NPC sorority on Drury’s campus within one calendar year, unless going back to the group she originally pledged.
  • A potential member shall register for Formal Recruitment and pay a $25.00 registration fee.
  • A potential member shall consult her Recruitment Counselor before withdrawing from recruitment.
  • A potential member shall fill out the Sorority Life Membership Acceptance Contract (SL-MAC) immediately after the last preference round she attends.  Once a card has been signed, no change may be made. 
  • Any potential member signing a SL-MAC and receiving a bid at the end of Formal Recruitment shall be bound to the agreement as stated on the SL-MAC for one year, while she is still attending the same university.
  • Potential members who attend any functions under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will be dropped from Formal Recruitment.
  • Potential Members are guaranteed to receive a factual sheet listing membership fees, additional required purchases, academic standards and time requirements.  This fact sheet will be provided to each potential member before and during membership recruitment by each chapter.  Chapters must submit complete and accurate information to Panhellenic council by May 1 each year.
  • No fraternity member or chapter may provide favors, give gifts or buy anything for a potential member.
  • Potential members may not visit any current sorority member’s residence, including the residence of any Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor.  If an active member lives in a residence hall, however, they current member may stop by a PNMs room if she is alone and the door is left open for the entirety of the visit.
  • Potential members must provide their own transportation or use transportation provided by Panhellenic to and from membership recruitment events.
  • From the beginning of first year orientation through the acceptance of fall formal recruitment bids, no potential member shall visit a women’s fraternity suite except for the designated Panhellenic and/or Formal Recruitment events.
  • A potential member shall attend recruitment events to which she has accepted an invitation.  In case of illness or other emergency, the potential member shall notify her recruitment counselor who shall notify the chapters involved.

Pledging & Initiation

  • A woman who has had per pledge broken by a sorority or who has broken her pledge to a sorority may not join another sorority on the same campus for one calendar year from the date she was originally pledged.  She may re-pledge the same sorority chapter at anytime within that calendar year.
  • A new member may be initiated when she has met the requirements of the sorority to which she has pledged.

Special Allowances

  • Teammates are allowed to travel together for team related activities, regardless of their potential member or current member status.
  • Resident Assistants, Community Advisors and Orientation Leaders are exempt from select Sorority Life Recruitment Policies only when acting in the capacity as an RA, CA or O-Leader. 
  • Sorority women with PNM family members are exempt from select Sorority Life Recruitment policies in relation to their PNM family member.

There are other situations which, based upon the circumstances, may result in immediate action taken by Panhellenic Council.  Sorority women should always promote all aspects of Sorority Life with a positive supportive attitude. 
If you have a question regarding a rule, policy or procedure; please ask before you act.