Associate of Science in Health & Wellness Program

Associate of Science in Health & Wellness Program

The Exercise & Sport Science Department at the College of Continuing Professional Studies offers an associate of science in health and wellness. The aim of the health and wellness program is to contribute to the education of students through the medium of activity. The goal is for each student is to develop the skills necessary to chart a healthy course for life.

Associate of Science in Health & Wellness Curriculum

In addition to general education requirements, students pursuing the associate of science degree in health & wellness are required to complete the following 21-23 hours of coursework:

BIOL 110: Fundamentals of Cell Biology (4 hours)
EXSP 210: American Red Cross First Aid (2 hours)
EXSP 220: Fitness for Life (2 hours)
EXSP 302: Principles of Human Nutrition (3 hours)
EXSP 312: Methods of Teaching Elementary Health and PE (3 hours)
EXSP 345: Wellness & Health Promotion (3 hours)

Choose one of the following (4-6 hours):
BIOL 207: Anatomy and Physiology (3 hours)
BIOL 205: Human Anatomy (3 hours)
BIOL 206: Human Physiology (3 hours)

Students are strongly encouraged to include an activity course from EXSP 168: Introduction to Yoga, EXSP 194: Personal Fitness, or EXSP 226: Aerobic Fitness in their elective hours.

Students must take the following as a part of their general education requirements:
COMM 211: Art of Human Communication
CHEM 103: Fundamentals of Chemistry and Lab
PSYC 110: Stress Management
SOCI 324: Sociology of Health and Illness